Gen. Nimrod Shefer was appointed head of the Planning Department

מינוי האלוף שפר, היום. צילום: דובר צה”ל

The champion improved his exchanger Eshel champion who will be appointed in the next few months, the Air Force Commander. Chief of staff: the influence on the IDF’s strategic

תאריך: 02/04/2012, 19:27    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Brig. Gen. Nimrod Shefer was appointed today (Monday), head of the Planning Department and was promoted to the rank of major General in a festive ceremony at the Chief of staff Rabin camp (campus) in Tel Aviv, the Defense Minister, Mr. Ehud Barak, Chief of staff, General Benjamin (Benny) Gantz and stripping the Forum staff members and families of the officers.
Gen. Nimrod Shefer replaced in the major General Amir Eshel, ends his role as head of the Planning Department and will be appointed commander of the IAF.
Ehud Barak, the Eshel and told him that “the spirit you brought all your duties in previous air force, demanding, unforgiving of errors, but accurate and sympathetic, don’t lose your sense of direction and the desire to contribute. There is something very important in the Planning Department and its detrimental to all and you leave there very important stamp. Through success in all what you do later. “
The head of the incoming אג”ת told the Defense Minister that he” hopes that soon all fit. Not simple times. We have no choice but to stand in contrast to the purpose for which the system exists, anyway, at all times, under all conditions, all the resources to stand up to us, even if you’re sore as far as we are concerned, we must be prepared for a test. This is the essence of the existence of this body. Wish you bon voyage.
The Chief thanked the outgoing head of the Planning Department on the work and congratulated the incoming section saying: “Planning Directorate is a major Division in the IDF wing is small, and consists of a great people which their influence on the military strategy.”
Eshel said at the ceremony that he had “the right to a special role in dealing with complex issues.
I thank my fellow soldiers, commanders and general staff who accompanied me along the way and now I cook, prepared and looking forward.
Head of the Planning Department, Maj. Gen. Nimrod Shefer, Defense Minister and Chief of staff for the trust to position selection “on duty large challenges and I am determined to take action and pursue to succeed.”

Gen. Nimrod Shefer-resume

Gen. Nimrod Shefer was born in 1961. In 1979 joined the pilot course and finished as a fighter pilot. During his military service played a string of champion improved to key positions in the air force, including:

Squadron “lightning”
Chief of air force operations.
The Commander of Ramon air force base “
Advance planning Division of the Planning Department
Top aerial
Air Force Chief of staff

Champion improve BA in geophysics and science of plantaris Tel Aviv University, and an m.a. in public administration from Harvard University, USA.

Translated from Hebrew