General winter has arrived: the warriors were vaccinated against flu, heating was installed in tents

The butt prepared beforehand for the winter storm that tells us this week. Hundreds of “cold” systems were transferred to paramedics, for treating victims of hypothermia

תאריך: 09/01/2013, 15:38    
מחבר: רוני צידון, אט”ל

The wind blows cool, and medical corps relieves many soldiers flocking to clinics with sore throat using sterptokuk Kit. The kit, which replaces a normal throat space identifies the bacteria instantly, laboratory testing. This year the kit was distributed to all army medical labs in the country, and significant. “A year ago, a soldier who was complaining, as in citizenship, was going to surface that was sent to the lab, and get an answer after two days. Now this is a local surface giving an immediate response, “said head gear
Pharmacy and medical mckerp, Lt. Col. ORIT bitner.

Not only clinics come winter innovations. This year exports to purchase medical corps of 21 electrical appliances, heaters that raise the temperature of fluids for transfusion to a wounded will be inserted in body temperature rather than producing hypothermia. The device needed in weather gripping in recent days, Israel has been in special units, and is distributed in the units field in the coming months. “The device has an internal rechargeable battery and is proven effective in heating IVS”, said head of development and engineering mckerp, Lieutenant Colonel guy mckowski.

Along with the innovations, her medicine every year, drops meds though,
Antibiotics for sore throat and flu, 60,000 mainly recruits and fighters.
In addition, hundreds were already source systems in October in preparation for winter, for treatment of hypothermia victims wearing. The packs contain a special thermometer that measures the hypothermic and source are divided mainly in northern command.

With medical equipment, standard equipment adapted to winter months. Purchased over
2000 radiators and have been issued about 100,000 bags. Have been issued as 10,000 storm suits (some in operation “pillar”), and 5,000 padded overalls.
In addition, replaced for the winter dozens of tents in different bases, some new model, while installed and headquarters over 500 solar ovens to heat tents. “The high level of stock has been at the center of a refresh and replace equipment if necessary, in order to have a rapid response units,” added רמ”ד supply planning in logistics, major Ivan barons.

Translated from Hebrew