Gilad did not met

He’s rooting for Maccabi Tel Aviv, a football goalkeeper mildotho, dreamed of giving the armored Corps. רס”ל Gilad Shalit, personal portrait

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מחבר: דנאל אל–פלג

Five years have passed since Gilad Shalit. At this time the captive soldier became a symbol, brand, into a kind of reluctant celebrity. To tv viewers and
On the road, it is served in blue-white, its seems like they are real.
Shalit’s name on posters, hung from balconies, appears in ads. Newspaper readers is served slightly blurry colors. Old photos retrieved from the family album display
Same as spectacled shrioner, quiet and introspective.

But beyond that — it seems that Shalit’s personality still remains in the dark. Over the past five years has become the kidnapped soldier to a familiar figure every house in the country, even in the world, but his personality remains an enigma. Everyone knows he was a warrior in armour, and he lives in a small settlement in the North, and he was shy boy. But what he liked to do for leisure?
What music he liked to listen Which football team is ahead? “You have to understand that Gilad is not poster,” Shalit’s cousin, Emily Raz. “For Gilad is foster. Not lost, lost a good kid. “

Our favorite saved.

Gilad is a quiet, agree with the image shows relatives. But early on, he was Naughty. “He was a very active child, unusually curious,” says Uncle Raz. “My strongest memory of him as a child that he came to my house, sit on my lap and asks why is
And why that’s the case, what exactly am I doing at work until Noam was telling him to stop. Sometimes it was borderline, but he was a kid. As shgilad grows
It changed completely: If as a child he wouldn’t stop talking to each other, as a teenager, it was impossible to get a complete sentence. Generally, he preferred to eat over to talk. Over last holiday before the kidnapping I remember he just sat down and pounded all gave him, he didn’t say no. He liked to eat his mother’s schnitzels.

Immediate family of Shalit. Raz is married to Aviva’s first sister, Ruth, are two more sisters. Holiday family meals in this framework, the Raz
Follow, between one time after his nephew curious. When he grows a little, and
Preschool age or early elementary school, was an amazing “Gilad algebraic competence, testified.
“He was testing me-we do multiplication exercises, large numbers, and are composed of four and five digit calculator, and he was doing it in advance. It was amazing “.

The age of her growing Gilad in Mitzpeh Hila, that isolated community that even public transport don’t dare violate the peace, built 17 children. They walked together from kindergarten through high school, in orbit, without picturing the army during one finds himself in a different path. Bandaged, poetry, know him from the sandbox. “I remember him from the garden visually,” she says. “He was playing with the boys, especially in games like swords and דו–קרב. It was so white, until it ל’מלך artworks, Garden boys. I won’t forget this. “

In a later age, the absence of exciting attractions in the remote settlement and without license, making herself white independent employment group the afternoon.
Once we have established a fake radio station, author of Gilead, Ben Drury. “We called it ‘ גנ”ב radio ‘-the initials of our names, Gilad, Noam and and we sport, and sport. Besides, we sit a lot at each other. Once we have established
Tents of sheets in the room, in the summer we open the tube and in the courtyard of גליצ’ות
Next door. We also built a tree house and were sorted out there and throwing water balloons.
At age 12 I got a video camera and filmed the movie. ‘ The war ‘ was called. Gilad was also the announcer and played the assassin. He was the main character.

He has no fear at all.

The love for sports radio גנ”ב broke the boundaries, bringing Gilad increasingly often to the settlements of playground. He also felt a little bit more real radio reports-popular team Maccabi Tel Aviv, soccer and basketball, too. On Saturday, he and followers had once adored character Drury about.
-AVI nimni, yellow mascot. “We were sitting in my dad’s car for two at lunch until eight in the evening and listen to the songs and program goals, laughing at Drury. “Whenever we go out, play soccer and have ourselves
Game. Gilead was a great goalie, leaps and save, no fear at all.

Gilad did not confine himself to Israeli groups. In early life, he was cocky to watch important sports games delivered live from time zone countries distant from Israel. “He could see strange sports, Olympics, Drury. “We’re playing these tournaments PC of Winter Olympics, and he would always win.

Friends describe Gilead’s room as a typical boys, furniture motorcycle poster and Hi-Fi. “I remember we were sitting and talking.
Read us in mleil, Gilead was really upset us, “recalls Drury, smiling. “She’d walk into a room and say: ‘ he’s got a name, named Gilead. ‘”

“His mother was always fixing his clothes in the closet, so was,” adds his friend Noam Rotem, a bunch of Radio 3 and גנ”ב his window in the room turned out of the House, and we didn’t have the energy to go downstairs and out the door, we were jumping and he was mad at us. Now there are mainly room boxes, letters and gifts of all kinds.

In one of the drawers, since the shared collection of posters and Drury, until one day they tore all of them just out of boredom. Hadro system played mainly sleeping and Beatles, but also many radio sports programs. Gilad was stopping the music station
News, updates and random and as he tires to watch action movies, play computer or read. In General, numbers, he used to spend hours in his room, even if you just sat and watched from his window at passers-by in the community. Looked at from above. “He didn’t go out a lot,” said Drury. “He was mostly at home, love the peace.”

“Gilad is a quiet and introverted person, even a cell phone he had to rush,” Rotem. “He was so shy if I sat in front of someone he didn’t know, he hadn’t looked him in the eye.”

“But he’s introspective, felt when he was there, joining bandaged. “There was something about his presence, something very relaxing without mottonot.

In high school he studied Gilad at home – the Manor kabri. He was an honors student, particularly strong in the sciences, and graduated from the Physics Department. “In the first two years of Gilad was”, shows his teacher of mathematics and physics, aa_safwat73. “He was a kid.
Bright, quiet and 12th grade, and is slightly loose rein, thankfully there is to say. He’s a little
Let himself glib, a kind of rebellion, but still a very good student. “

After the children were infected in Gilad the nickname ‘ Shamu ‘ is named after a character from an old tv show, number aa_safwat73, he refused to rise. “One day someone teased him with this laughter, not evil, and Gilad had turned his pencil”, says the teacher. “I looked in astonishment and protest him. Of course he wasn’t really mad, it was amiably, but this was not typical.

Collected his friend Gilad, saying it was almost impossible to get him. “Was
Really hard to provoke him, “he says. “The best way was to tickle him, because he
Was ticklish. Even when he was angry he might have beat you into small members never really returns.

The afternoon of Gilead during the split between meetings at the villages, especially Nahal kziv near the Observatory. The actions of the youth movements that have in the region, “the seats hazioni hanoar haoved vehalomed, he didn’t come, though each new manual tried his luck. Although insisting guides, but Gilad was always answer them politely. ל’קרוואן youth also had to drag him. ”
Telling bandaged. “We had physically down to his house and grab him, but I do.
Remember how many times he joined us. We played mostly Taki and cards.

“Gilead preferred, he liked it”, says Rotem. “I remember once we went to Nahal kziv and sat there on the edge of a rock, I began to slip into high water, I was with the body down and suddenly felt someone grab me, attracts me. Don’t know how he caught me at the last minute. “

Never stopped smiling.

The call-up was a dream armor of Gilead. Shrioner Uncle Yoel Shalit, z l
Killed in the Yom Kippur war, and he wanted to follow in his footsteps. Also serving in the 7th armored brigade of
His older brother, named David, contributed to his ambition. To prepare for the physical challenges that await him there, Gilad Soloman frequented the gym in Nahariya, together with his father and brother. His profile was borderline, but allow it to eventually reach.

“Gilad and I have taken together and same Division infantry, light harvesting,
His kiss. “Until it opened and spoke with us took a long time, but it happened. He was a soldier who had nothing to do okist, but come on, really. It was a smile that got us a lot during boot camp. We are standing at attention and the Guy never stops smiling.
Running and he never stops. But there’s nothing we can do. “

On Saturday which left the base, Gilad had read books. In the locker next to his bed was always one. The last book he read before being kidnapped was the biography of Lance Armstrong, the greatest cyclist of all time. When you called, liked to catch up on sleep. “He was sleeping a lot on Saturdays”, shows his room, Yuri czerniaków. “Even when we were going in to lunch at the Club, Gilead was there on the bag and go to sleep.”

Gilad was docile and dedicated soldier. “He was very disciplined, some-one yellow not fucking boyfriend, to save time, czerniaków. “I remember, for example, the advanced training, for eight months in the army and met well
The other, had the treatment use of tanks. None of these harsh treatments
Don’t want to do-they last from morning to evening. There were two boys hiding in the bathroom, & just go there and see them crammed in the same cell. But he was so shy, he didn’t wake. He wanted what was right, but was ashamed. It’s the same “property.

When the company’s operational battalion 71, kajol as “גלב”צ “due to its similarity to Gilad Ben-Zvi, who already managed to get free. Gilad’s role in the tank gunner, and his colleagues had felt that he was a crack shot and hit well in training purposes. The first line that caught in the Kerem Shalom crossing in southern Gaza Strip, was also the last.
. From there he was to sit.

“Land in the Gaza Strip is a kind of market”, clarifies his company Alex schreibman. “It.
He came to the company’s operations, but this line straight, with all appointments and ambushes. Long stakeouts sometimes changed in his tank, and Hanan tank commander who was killed in the hijacking, was trying to keep us awake with all sorts of jokes and knowledge games. Gilad was participates less than everyone else, but with time it is opened. He was quiet at first, we didn’t know a lot about him. Would, say, ping-pong – company, Pong and knew if he plays or not. One day he just came, played, and it was really good. “

Among his friends was the first to enlist Gilead Once boarded, may loosen uniforms including
Contacts, and most see it a few times before being kidnapped. The few meetings.
Impressed with the combat service members changed little Gilad who knew, hasps. “There was a time when both served in the Golan Heights-shrioner and I-relations met in Hazor,
Telling bandaged. “It was just a few months after his enlistment, and shortly after the draft. I was with a Duffle Bag, cat biretta and long arms, and I had a very difficult. He approached,
Helped me to get on and I noticed under the mustache he muttered ‘ what young, laughing. It really surprised me. “

Once, after his enlistment, Gilad called me when he went out Saturday and wanted me to play basketball, “recalled Rotem. “It was special because he was never initiated. Always call him. Then I tried to set him back a couple of times, but is almost always closed Saturdays. I served with Noah, and of kidnapping us to keep סינג’רו in Nabi Musa. I was on guard and bore me, so I wrote about the position of Gilad Shalit King. A few hours after that, send me a message if you have heard of Gilad. I went back and deleted it.

In terms of hiring Gilad 1A was the first act of independence, first exit bubble of mitzpe Hila. Dudu indicates that he was still a child when shnhat in on line are still immature, not yet due. “He’s a soldier who came as a child from very fair”, says Raz. “Until
So he lives in a small environment. The army was the first time he came to life.
Wack it fell on him. There are those who at 18, had traveled here and here and are independent people. This is not the case. “

However, fast Raz to clarify that Gilad was not a spoiled child. He knew how to handle it well himself. “Gilad was very persistent,” says Uncle. “He was such a little inaccessible,
With this inner peace, and I believe this is what keeps the same day. Need to think about it.
Gilad: know a tape, it is clear to him that this recording had to move something.
So now he sits in a room or cell, staring at the walls, counting the minutes and says: ‘ well, where are they? “should be very strong. But he’s stubborn enough and he said ‘ they give me. At least his things, he was convinced that the State is doing everything to bring him back. I think that’s what keeps him “.

Translated from Hebrew