Girls: a rare glimpse into the women’s service during the Yom Kippur war

הרמטכ”ל דוד אלעזר במינוי אל”ם מושכל לקחנ”ר. התמונות באדיבות משפחת מושכל

From Sinai to the Golan, with the battle or the radio exposure of women’s contribution in the war: the main force officer to the Commander in the field.

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מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

Noon of October 6th 1973 belonged to men. So painful war wound over their heads of decision-makers, and bloody battles in Sinai and the Golan Heights. The only woman publicly recall her former Prime Minister Golda Meir. Even it was form of surprise and exacted a terrible price. However, Chinese dances and the mountainous areas of the Golan saw women too. Soldiering and IDF officers were scattered throughout the country in many units, but United under women’s Corps (ח”ן)-disappeared from the public eye. Between the tanks and the shells of the parachutes and chapels forgotten Administration Bureau. Increased alert in Tel Aviv campus, with Security Minister רמטכ”ל concerned tread – was also the first Navy officer (קחנ”ר).

Israeli women founded more in the 1950s, and gave a response especially in the fields of training, and terms of service for women who have joined the ranks of the IDF as a deposit of all women in the IDF, was the first Navy officer visits alone and examines the State of the build. Intelligent service Colonel was appointed to the post a few months before the outbreak of the war by general staff Chief, David (Dado) Lazar. She didn’t know the war will enter history,
Somewhere between operational Ensign bereavement and loss.

“On the day of Atonement, I was in the synagogue, and knew her at some point that’s going to happen,” said the IDF Colonel’s site (RES) Intelligent intelligent modes. His wife’s health condition doesn’t allow her to be interviewed at the time of the interview. “There was a certain alignment, and the war Ruth went immediately to campus. During the war she took care to visit many units on the ground, “said Shalom.

Girls: a rare glimpse into the women’s service during the Yom Kippur war

Colonel (Ret.) Intelligent Service service period as a ח”ן officer of central command

Testimonies from the period, and various newspaper clippings suggests that women from various roles supporting the fighting in 1973. The Administration Bureau is running with significant information, workload through chapels parachutes, and soldiering in the leadership and in the array. Each paratrooper who went into battle with his parachute was reveals the paratrooper’s prayer, carefully tucked by one of numbered ATEN asteroids. When the public wonder about the necessity of soldiering this sensible when Colonel saw action. “To my knowledge the most soldiering taonanot since the beginning of the war of workload rather than unemployment”, told in an interview conducted during this period, “adding that” the challenge e.g. chapels standing long hours on your feet, and tlponisties works more hours per day from the usual “.

Due to the danger of being out front, some of the other roles, soldiering while ihidothihan continued to be first in line. קחנ”ר resisted the popular belief that girls were used as decorative and social.
“Modern army based on a small core fighter, around which many roles”, so in the same interview. According to an instruction from the senior echelons of Corps evacuated the Golan already on the first day of the war and shortly after Chinese the early battles, but hundreds of women continued to serve in areas considered most vulnerable. Nurses, for example, were
The initial rank and served in the fire zones – including West of the Suez Canal.

Girls: a rare glimpse into the women’s service during the Yom Kippur war

The war urged the IDF to the first decision — to evacuate the servants back to the fire lines. “The intention is not to put girls in the place. Some units that were evacuated in girls to bring them to ihidothihan. The war Army Corps Headquarters
Including vulnerable areas, and she found them accurate, and resourceful Jenny ”
Sensible when Colonel said war and added that “I can’t glorify and praise those who did work — particularly on systems and medicine.”

An officer Noah: “empty roads filled with military vehicles”

Many of the women in the Yom Kippur War saw the abandonment of the evacuated. “Some have suggested that abandoning the ididihan warriors and tried to resist either,” unveiled in those days קחנ”ר parallel to the evacuation from combat units in the Israeli front to absorb manpower.
Another female out of increased technical roles required requiring military training advance, as
Also for driving positions. The air force “everybody wants to go, but within, we
Try to give more, “explained before קחנ”ר in earnestness.

In one of the cases, soldiers were forced to replace women on the frontline to repeat. None
Of leave. At the same time, soldiering worked as many hours, until in some cases needed to be achriachn to rest a few hours. Most women must continue
In their roles, but added many reserve combat units that vital positions in the signal Corps, administration and medical remedies. The conditions – and many Airmen field conditions
The left decided to devote all their time to work in hospitals. Alongside medical personnel took care to keep soldiering with the wounded, with their units and their families. Operators would relay demands to families of soldiers in the field.

Sitting here – it adds. “, said one officer who served in interviews. The commanders needed contextual, mrkaznity and shrtatiot – both operationally.
The Golan Heights used women to get resupplied well-stocked trucks, courtesy of local councils. Some of them carried out the registration division, some were monitored from receivers. “Their dedication and steadfastness is a dominant trait in women. Possible
See it today among the military who almost never turn a blind eye and not due to a shortage of manpower, “testified then informed Colonel.

Girls: a rare glimpse into the women’s service during the Yom Kippur war

Substitute a moment of respite during the war.

Alongside this activity, is not a substitute for the work carried out by the women. “Those who think
The staff work is decoration — so wrong, the ח”ן officer and added that” it was necessary as operators, receptionists, parachutes and chapels, and leadership in health and welfare roles and more. The girls played about 50 different roles, especially the women’s Corps tramo
The image adhered to them. “See the tv by flowers ‘
The captives, but don’t see how they each prisoner escorted home, waited at the airport day and night because I didn’t know when you return any group, “said Colonel so sensible.

Those laid wreaths on the graves, but didn’t see how they were sitting in the cemeteries for
Days to deal with families who came to look for their loved ones ‘ tombs. Didn’t see them searching for fallen friends injured, didn’t see them handle injured as nurses or auxiliary power do all work in hospitals, “emphasized קחנ”ר as the war, the Navy officer strives to communicate with the officers and airmen, the cshotihan moved to the General staff and exploring a large portion of the force.

Girls: a rare glimpse into the women’s service during the Yom Kippur war

Brig. Gen. (Res.) hedva Almog, appointed in 1987, קחנ”ר role was in 1973.
The rank of Captain and served during the war of the officer. “I remember the roads
The blank hatmalao the motor “, which Brig. Gen. (Res.) Almog the moment the war. Posts about freeing the Airmen from the Golan and Sinai started to flow, and it had the responsibility to ensure that all women in aiahazuyot place, his weapon to be evacuated back to the borders — groupings.

Soldiering is aiahazuyot place were referred for assistance in hospitals, hatmalao quickly with hundreds wounded. At the same time, invade enemy troops to aiahazuyot built in toil and damaged
The fruit of the work of the pioneers of the Warrior. “After we drove the enemy armies, it was really depressing to see the bare aiahazuyot. Threw personal belongings on the ground and buildings run by the tanks, “said.

After the fall of the peninsula Pier
Sinai, the Prime Minister decided to go on a tour of the rest of the young officer was her official hostess. “I flew with the helicopter, and the best experience was to see how the weight of the State sits on the shoulders. Finally, one day Conference was held, and pain me to see her shchovd attacked the responsibility imposed on it, “explained Brig. Gen. (Res.) Almog.

False rumors of missing Airmen and intoxicated denied valid

The large order was not a thing of the battlefield, but floated to the media. Repeated reports have reached the new systems shbbsisem knowing chilling – were declared missing or Airmen have been captured by the enemy. “It was the central theme
That bother people about. Ruth was interviewed daily and denying those rumors, told IDF website intelligent modes.

While fire was burning in the State of Israel and fought for its existence – the women’s Corps, was standing with them – helps with one hand and continues to be conducted routinely in the other. “Emergency jobs, perform ח”ן all Airmen. The entire training system operates without disruption, and poor new cycle opens first “, so קחנ”ר declared but a slight modification of the qualifications fall 1973 – package of rations for soldiers at the front. To battle a personal letter attached, signed by the oil and soldiering “alias ח”ן “.

Girls: a rare glimpse into the women’s service during the Yom Kippur war

Colonel קחנ”ר, intelligent service gives you the umbrella from officer

The battle also approached the soldiers from other countries who have sought to help Israel, but
Battle of the dishes packed by the Israeli girls were more popular. Wasn’t about
The love kitchen, but the horizon double promotion. “If they add the name, can something, isn’t it?” said one of the soldiers who fought on the front in an interview which took place during the war.

Chinese daughters area collect phone numbers and visible to soldiers, and demanded that write. “They fill the role of mother, daughter, sister, friend and everything else,” explained so קחנ”ר to mctergis.

Voices of Chinese cannons seemed on 24 October, and the Golan Heights has entered into over the silence only in 1974. The IDF lost thousands of soldiers, and they all appreciate the person who btank, a warrior holding a weapon and pilot soared upward.
Alongside courage of those who have fallen and those who defended the State of Israel, it is appropriate to recall the contribution women too – with the handset, with casualties and visible records, with bandages and radios, as well as on the wheel. Remembering her champion’s one-year-senior woman
In the Israel Defense Forces during the Yom Kippur war, she was a mother of two and it served the country as women’s Corps officer.


Translated from Hebrew