Givati and level 7 captured weapons during the course of an operation in Nablus

Among others seized large explosive weight, tear-gas and shock and a shotgun. Hamel caught during arrests in Nablus

תאריך: 09/02/2013, 15:59    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

תפיסת אמל”ח
פלס”ר 7

Troop strength of the Givati Brigade “almond” caught last night (Sunday) weapons
During the course of an operation. Inter alia explosive, seized a shotgun and tear-gas canisters
And, exposed by the Givati and warriors פלס”ר warriors 7 of this handout.

The injury was discovered after one of the detained ambokshim testified on location. During another company’s information had been received that has explosive hidden close to us, “said Commander פלחו”ד almond, Captain Molly Cohen. He noted that “we got a change of mission and we steered for the warehouse.
In the casbah, the branch one, where we found the trunk. The detonated by sappers who arrived at the scene. My assessment is that it was a pretty big load Although this mission was received but the force discovered the flexibility required of us in dynamic area like this.

Givati and level 7 captured weapons during the course of an operation in Nablus

The improvised explosive device he was caught last night.

The other weapons were discovered in the home of one of Tanzim activist, who held his shotgun, tear-gas and shock, gunpowder and ammunition. סמ”פ in level 7, Lieutenant Raviv, saying that” we in the House search we found the weapons, hidden in closets and under beds. It is a relatively large amount of weaponry the suspect acted at first as though he didn’t understand what was happening and started to discover, but the crew.
Take him, and he was transferred to the security forces. “

Translated from Hebrew