Givati dreamed

לוחם גבעתי במסע כומתה. צילום: דובר צה”ל

The draft agenda to the Givati Brigade. Among the recruits was Omar Abdulaziz, who won a surprising phone call from the Commander of the Division distinguished service accepts the night before the draft, and accepted the role in which he will serve

תאריך: 03/09/2015, 15:41    
מחבר: נטע לוי, אתר צה”ל

גיוס מרץ 2015

Like all of Omar too, Beebs, today’s Givati Brigade, be sure to read all possible piece of information about his role in the military. He already knows the names of the regiments, and the colorful t-shirts with prints is replaced in such white and olive green. After the breakup of celebration and a moment before closing the case received
Alan a phone.

The other side of the line was Sergeant Meir 1,885, a Givati Brigade received special mention from the Division Commander, Colonel Ofer vinter. 6184: part II strength going into the tunnel of terror the abducted officer, Lieutenant Hadar Goldin z l, and he tried to give answers to all questions dam harassed him and throwing motivation before the grueling training he will go.

At the beginning of the conversation over the issue that Hibbs had plagued him most-made the right choice when he decided to serve in combat positions. “As the fear of war or” laiftza share Beebs. “Don’t mind me clicking I can handle the routine day of the Warrior.” 6184: not excited, and that “you probably expect me to give you an answer from a tainted name combat is not going to zero, right? But that would be a lie because
I believe it’s all about. A soldier can serve a significant service without charge to the ropes during simulated surface. Me personally less suited to sit in the Office and if you meld-then you’re probably on the right track, “he reassured.

Shbyavs seems more interested in the story of the heroism of Sgt. 1,885, he wants to hear about the less familiar moments from the military service, and asks to hear now that he remembers.
For the best service. “At the end of the route had to pass tests conclude weeks upon weeks of exercises, including carrying weights and fitness,” he recalled. “The last test we had to climb to the Summit of Mount Hermon. I can remember running, screaming and struggling with the wind to come. When I got to the top I sat down on the floor, trying to catch my breath and looked around. The view I saw made me great satisfaction from the place where I came from. I would like to share this moment with anyone but my friends in the company.

The latter occupies a central role in the memoirs of military service: 6184. “Thanks to those cases never wanted to happen, you learn a lot about yourself and the people around you in real time,” he explains. “The military service period very lady you
You learn to focus and purpose to separate “emotions sometimes. Beebs wonder fearing
Whether Sgt. 1,885 feels he has changed during service. “My worldview expanded, and that’s not a bad thing, on the contrary I am very pleased,” he reassured.

“Do you have any last-minute advice for me for tomorrow?” asks Alan, and sounds like he himself can’t get the right recruitment day.

“It’s very important that you take everything in perspective and look at it in a very positive and good that may be,” advises: 1,885. “Treat things seriously, invest in and let everything go. but not allow small things to break. Whatever you’re doing, let them pass over you, and you will see that slowly you will find the place that suits you. Omar, successfully won “, he sums up and end the call.


Translated from Hebrew