Giv’ati summarize the action in Gaza: “operational readiness was high.”

לוחמי גבעתי. צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

In an interview with IDF site several major oak Pfizer, the company that harnesses “of troop” Giv’ati “task forces in recent months:” the intense training prepare us all “scenario.

תאריך: 25/02/2013, 16:30    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה“ל

Operational sector, incidents with wounded and “pillar”: it appears that the operational it has purple Division at Gaza Division until a few weeks ago was a significant figure of the Division designed and explained her importance.

“In the first month and a half of intense vigilance on our operations,” had told the IDF site the company commander to help Captain Rotem, Pfizer oak battalion, which emphasize that until operation “pillar” were “quite a few warnings about terrorist activity in the region.”

Before elimination, Commander of Hamas ‘ military wing, Ahmed jaabari, and performs “pillar”, it was possible to feel the warming. Shooting (anti-tank missile) which took place in November and caused the injury of four soldiers, including two from the Givati Brigade, most of the Warriors tour (Geddes) Givati’s on the weekend.
“It was an event that prepared him for a long time and we talked a lot about procedures and responses”, company commander in Givati, Geddes “even if the point of the event, they were reacted with sharp and accurate as we practiced and practiced. 
The company commander in Geddes also that this occasion increased the motivation of warriors and positively they sharpened the need for exit.

Another hit when Division who was then the company commander course Sabra battalion, Captain Adam Sieff, critically wounded by an explosion that put terrorists on the fence during an IDF operational activity near her.

“Take advantage of the quiet to prepare.”

When it was terminated “pillar” was launched, the Warriors already were alert and full of motivation. “Once we begin we prepared operation immediately to the front.
Also in the procedure we always prepared for war, so there was a lot of work to do, “recalled captain Pfizer,” I recall especially the participation of all the soldiers who were on the release or already released and wanted to come and join the company. Soldiers from school without asking any questions, just heard about the offer and came “.

Major Pfizer emphasizes that the fighters were prepared for any scenario, including the possibility of underground entrance to the Gaza Strip. For him, the main lesson was the operation: “we saw that our advance preparation paid off and made us feel prepared and trained. Every time we prepare for every scenario which required-strengthened us.
It is important to continue and prepare to war. “

The company commander in Geddes makes it clear that even in the quieter reality, one of the most threatened sectors in the region, which requires preparation and readiness. “It is prohibited to enter into peace and normalcy, but to use the time to prepare for complex event so we can defeat the enemy,” he explains and argues that “the threats have changed. See less engaging in hostile terrorist activity, related to deterrence following the operation. Currently the stable on both sides. “

Soon the operational employment in Gaza will do the forces of paratroopers and infantry training, out where the Division will focus on areas they were less during the stroke. “At the end of the workout start dealing next line and focus on training specific to the type of employment as teaching material on arrests & activities large expanses, the less things we discussed where this line, the company commander in Geddes.

Translated from Hebrew