Go north: the training of reservists from the Golan roamed tze’elim

ההאמרים נודדים לצפון. צילום אילוסטרציה

Although the reservists accustomed to tze’elim dunes, but last year started a new trend – training, wandered to the Golan Heights, where they learn to cope
Other threats like mud and mines

תאריך: 26/06/2013, 13:01    
מחבר: סמדר קרמפף וניצן קינר, אתר זרוע היבשה

Forget “and start getting used to the cows: training of dozens of free articles (as armoured fighting vehicle in tactical training) of the reserve forces, held this month in a different sector than normal – in the Golan Heights. So, as part of a program that was conceived last year when it expanded the training areas of land warfare Centre (l) from the desert to the targeted sector.

Although not used in Mel regardless of minefields, or watch out for cows in the field, overwriting but essentially a structure reminiscent of
The activity that takes place in the left (urban warfare training centre). This is the first time we do practice with these tools, this particular section in the North, “said Deputy Chief Ma armor (tactical training centre), major to me.

Go north: the training of reservists from the Golan roamed tze’elim

The disguised as the Humvees. Photos: Eden azran, m

Major Solomon explained that, “we have a battalion.
The Humvees are free, and all deployed force that functions as an enemy. To edit Advanced battle
While the enemy ran them in different ways. All this while the shooting is done with “miles” that “harm” in the vehicle, as in most training in the Center. Also, added means pyrotechnics, explosions & chargers as steep trajectory shooting, adding a touch more real practice.

Although the frame
Similar to miss that the northern environment is making the difference. Lieutenant Colonel iodenfrvid, Chief Ma armor, notes that the creeps that space is a significant component in preparing for future combat forces. Therefore, in order to challenge the commanders in the field, decided to practice in the North – reminiscent of the relevant sectors.
“This allows the port to the North to train surface close to the arena where they will fight,” head pirate armor.

Go north: the training of reservists from the Golan roamed tze’elim

Spectators. The Humvees in exercise

And the weather there is a factor. “The exercises are taking place in certain seasons of the year, according to the Israeli climate,” explained Lieutenant Colonel iodenfroind, “the best level of training lasts six months, Haggai
Nissan to Tishrei, and then we return to the South “. Besides avoiding mud and the Golan landscape adds Deputy head armor, that transition requires them to be experts in a variety of combat techniques, get ready for more complex workouts and adapt themselves to each cell surface. Looking to the future, the intention is to improve training and to disseminate and rule systems. As well as increase the day the enemy, in order to create high quality and effective training. “In the long run training experience will be much more significant,” concluded
Lieutenant Colonel iodenfrvid, “therefore be ‘ better ‘ war experience”.

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