Go out of their way

חיילי “קומץ” בפעולה. צילום: דובר צה”ל

“Handful” unit soldiers are responsible for maintaining the Gaza perimeter fence,
At the risk of life and responsibility for Gaza Strip residents and security forces.
“The villagers” important numbers of soldiers.

תאריך: 23/07/2012, 20:23    
מחבר: הדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

Look at the map of Israel and focused on the Gaza Strip. Threatened, always alert, trained. Closer. Military bases and skilled warriors. Do weeks and months of patrols, observation and saves. Israel’s front with the Gaza Strip.
Closest to the border – almost. A few hundred yards from where the soldiers first front stops, unmanned aerial vehicles. This is the nearest point to the Gaza Strip to which
Allowed humans to reach. Except for a handful of soldiers ‘ unit. A handful of people sitting on the fence – and fixing it. Almost every night they face range from hostile and fix the fence that separates Israel and the Gaza Strip to keep the border sealed and hermetically sealed for older residents around in sector.

“These soldiers are the most dangerous place in the State of Israel three years are here, on the fence,” says a handful of South Division Commander, Sergeant and baby czinti.
“Rain, mud, cold, winter – they work. The significance of the strong consciousness fence because essentially it is a physical barrier with Gaza. The primary barrier to intrusion alerts “.

The risk of high position. During the next three years they serve, each of them sees and takes part in more snipers, firing פצמ”רים and freight gdud infantry pay. And all ordnance soldiers. Basic training course technician 2 settings. Fighting supporters. But then they reach complementary Riflery and 03 or 05, get high TOS as a thank you for the extraordinary job and thinks so. And release, along with countless nights saw bullets pass above their heads, they receive a certificate.

Go out of their way

“It’s a professional repair, but such definitions has lots of accountability. We’re always mindful of set – you never know when that happens. Each event is different, it’s new. Sometimes, shooting, a soldier could find himself on vocals and know whether to jump or should step down or more pen will be far from the sanctuary,
Sgt.-major czinti, although “we’re not afraid, but required alertness. Once I went with a patch for the first time and he asked me: ‘ someone in a handful of dead time. Immediately I realized
He’s not ready yet, and returned to base. “

The event ends, such as the need to repair the fence. Are technicians and experts all faults set alerts can surprise. Electronic faults, for example, and particularly damages due to infiltration attempts, IDF gunfire on a fence which hits the fence, direct fire, mortar shells were fired from Gaza, and on terrorist activity. They depart in soft darkness in helmet, Kevlar, ceramic tools, weapons and security.

“Do the work”

The unit has existed for twenty years and three consecutive years that one of its soldiers selected as all-American President. The estimate for them. Commanders of divisions where a handful of workers tell them every chance they get: ” you are number one, emphasize to them how their work important, appreciated, useful and unique. And things have changes as they said from Gaza Division Commander.

“I came here thinking in Gaza has more action, and I was right. I am pleased and feel very great satisfaction and great responsibility on the job, “says a handful of fighter, private peer Dangor.
ב’קומץ ‘ no differences between private who came recently to Sergeant and even unit sergeant who for years. No noticeable erosion, and virtually nothing. Also dropping out.
So you can hear first Sergeant, Bala, adding: “there are towns worth risk for them.

“At first when I arrived here, I had concerns. Over time I realized that I should fear the fear is a big responsibility that we have, “describes corporal Noam Ezra. “The first time I went I wasn’t scared activity and still a little bouncing noise.
I thought it was ‘ boom ‘. Over time, right? It’s interesting, it’s cricket challenge my insides excited. It feels good being envious of shmarichim and our activities “, he explains that” as flown by the Division comes he says we are doing Holy work. When I know the fence doesn’t work that means worrying about friends and soldiers here and in the region. And although I don’t have family here, the people I care about. “

Translated from Hebrew