GoC army prepares to 2013: integrated training and changes in it 1

A special conference was presented to IDF commanders work program for the coming year, will exercise operational environment and more space for training officers. Commander: “interesting in terms of goals and work.”

תאריך: 06/01/2013, 10:39    
מחבר: ניצן קינר, אתר זרוע היבשה

The work plan of GoC army headquarters to 2013 was presented last week at a Special Conference. The event, held in Yad lashiryon site “blteron, was attended by senior commanders over. as part of the Assembly presented a detailed work objectives for the coming year spiraling
Land Division, Brig.-Gen. Oren abman, as part of the plan of GoC army headquarters.

One of the issues he has stressed the new plan of training. GoC army name.
The top goal of making quality training and challenging operational environment,
As much as possible, to the scene of battle. The emphasis is on combat training, including joint training to various land forces shoulder to shoulder.

Another topic on the agenda is changing perceptions of the training officers. It is a process, in subkeys in the year in which 1, and its meaning is the practice learning preference
Of command over theoretical lessons in leadership training mainland.

Later in the sequel to the commanders of Prof. David psig, futurist specializing in sourcing
Technological, educational and social, in predicting the future from war in the Middle East, gave an interesting perspective on developments in the field of terrestrial military of looking decades ahead.
After the lecture referred to Conference participants, the program raised suggestions and comments comments about subjects, man from the professional experience of using comparative advantage coming out of the role.

Arm, objectives set annually and is designed to create a State of stroke alignment between all commanders about the annual targets. At the end of the Conference, the Commander of GoC army headquarters, summed up the main things. “You must continue to invest in building power and capable of operations,” he said. The work plan for the coming year is planned, and I look forward to the cooperation of all.
The commanders. I believe that we have an interesting year in terms of goals and work. “

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