Golani Brigade תרח”ט intense takeover talk Lilith enemy bases

לוחמי גולני בתרגיל ההשתלטות הלילי על בסיס החיזבאללה. צילום: טל מנור, דובר צה”ל

Golani fighters completed a week of exercise, with an emphasis on mountain warfare. The exercise came to the image of sheia appropriating several enemy bases at the same time, the size of him before practice.

תאריך: 07/01/2013, 09:31    
מחבר: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

Total darkness over the enemy camp. After a short time of long shot, you can see the angles of the buildings and surrounding them, but just barely.
Corners and bushes lurk for a while and waiting for the right moment where fighters arrive.
The Golani Brigade and try to take over the place. No simple workshop for golanch to arrive there for the first time. The terrorists know in rosewood, but there the Warriors gathered intelligence, in addition to sophisticated night vision that allows them free movement and unnecessary surprises. Now, all that remains of the Warriors
The Golani Brigade terrorist base is just waiting for the Brigade command and follow the takeover.
The controls and this situation seemed Golani Brigade fighters week
The exercise, conducted at the divisional level. The week will held in the Golan Heights, under the command of Col. Yaniv, marrow and contains a series of arduous training that during
Practice all fighting with contours designed to cope.

After a practice battle scenarios in the northern sector and specifically describe Harari, stage of the will, cornering Hezbollah base beyond
Enemy lines. The scope in this case are part of a fundamental challenge-facilities ogdati, magnitude of cornering several bases simultaneously. The first practice was held
In this way and these scopes.

Golani Brigade תרח”ט intense takeover talk Lilith enemy bases

In this exercise, not having the means to simulate as much as possible the reality waiting to happen, that scenario will become real. For every enemy and armed with Kalashnikovs rifles, dozens of soldiers arrived to disguise themselves nut in the base and make it difficult to combat the takeover work. Dummy bombs were placed on the trails, and challenged them to find them.

In between turning the commanders, forces at work and move commands. They both command the Warriors run exercise like the enemy stood about to return fire. After applying the entrance relatively smoothly, except for a few wounded troops, fighters advanced control of the base. Around the McClatchey calls ” the enemy’s hiss at their ears, and in response the terrorists receive calls ‘ fire ‘, mshticot them soon. But the turning point comes when the squad contact of the Division Commander, Col. Yaniv, received a call about two
Hostages inside the base. Immediately powered drill to prevent kidnapping. “The left flank and put
The respect from the basis for obstruction, but couldn’t stay away, “ordering the bone marrow of
Map layout and planning events. Soon sounds about reported “two warriors hijacking foiled.”

Prior to the rise of the Sun, the “end of an act. End the takeover “and returns the fighters. After the time required for the fighters to take over the enemy base, the Division camp in northern Israel cease terrorist nest image of Hezbollah and ongoing activity.


Translated from Hebrew