Golani Brigade-the most sought after

לוחמי גולני בהשבעה בכותל. צילום: דובר צה”ל

ב”מיטב” preparing to 1 July: what’s the popularity ranking is alive and some technological value most? All the answers inside.

תאריך: 01/05/2012, 09:43    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

Prior to 1 July to be opened in the next two months and appends to its ranks of
IDF Yearbook 1994, born in irregular reinforcements in sum, recruiting period. The branch, which is the central body in charge of assigning and mobilizing the youth and junior girls, dynamic and creative work throughout the year, not forgetting to follow closely the way achievements and improved when necessary.

Reinforcements, Col. Yossi head Queen, shed light on routine processes that accompany recruitment cycles. “Among men, there are five recruitment cycles
Key changes. The three cycles are integrated-, i.e. recruit mainly combatants. Else, there are two cycles involving men who pass courses, “explained Lieutenant Colonel. “We tend to schedule youth in one of the three chosen priorities”, said Lieutenant Colonel the Queen branch consideration will Soloman (candidates for security service).

The motivation for fighting remains strong as always, constantly, and exceeds 70%. “Overall combat motivation of 93 Yearbook-was over 70%. In addition, more
Than 50% of the votes in the first priority, Lieutenant Colonel revealed.
The most sought after live a Golani Brigade, but it may encounter competition hastening her steps. “The demand for very high and Givati Brigade gradually”, said Lieutenant Colonel. According to him, the demand of a certain Division varies depending on the type and the background from which comes Soloman.

“There are unique characteristics of youths who set their preferences – according to territorial division in the country or by an impact among the family, friends and environment”, said Lieutenant Colonel. These factors are most influential on teenagers, and can often indicate a direct link between a particular tendency of community members to achieve a specific Division and of community service in middle school, a substantial percentage, past and present.

Coverage to the Kfir Brigade, head regular reinforcements came to break some assumptions not based about the Division. Kfir Brigade, which was established as a dedicated counter-terrorism Division in Judea and Gaza, its considered by wearing knitted domes, claiming that it is characterized by a high percentage of international religious. “Soldiers from all segments of the population reach the Division, despite the friction with the population in Judea and Samaria. Wearing the high percentage is no different from other divisions, although what to think. You can see normal distribution of wearing knitted domes in the IDF combat divisions, “testified Lieutenant Colonel. Additionally, due to the difficulty involved in service,
Made to be played and create friction, destination Division should not be reassigned. “The Kfir Brigade maintains a very high stability with the stones, and it remains
Strong “, said Lieutenant Colonel.

The Givati Brigade, which is also a very popular destination for recruiting, specifically many of the Ethiopian. “You can say that amizzoi of the Ethiopian to combat systems
Extremely high with higher demand, especially in the Givati Brigade, Col. Queen reveals the surprising trend and adds that “there is established a State of ‘ friend brings friend”. He claimed that some of the challenges facing the industry is to create a balance between special and unique populations among Israeli society every warring divisions, in order not to overload the service commanders provided treatment, which includes populations like new immigrants, lone soldiers etc.

In the last period March of recruitment for combat roles is regular backup industry challenge. “We had less, with growing operational needs, along with a slight fall in combat motivation” scale, the Queen of the difficulty. However, the branch is required to challenge and answered him. “We were on a mission both in fighting and in fighting supporters, said Lieutenant Colonel. The same recruiting cycle is actually air defense as the most sought-after destination for recruitment. Since then, the manpower Directorate has received many phone calls from prospective interested and can change into air defense. “The demand for the leaf formation in dozens of teenagers, aspiring to reach the iron Dome, the Colonel explained. Therefore, the security situation also affected the motivation for setting roles.

But this trend, technological systems begin to attract the youth. “The technology that attracts the youth especially is an array and additional Cyber have an affinity for high technology”, said Lieutenant Colonel. In addition to this change, having plotted by operational planning Division and Director of manpower in care (חתומכ”א) led to the establishment of another Regiment in the HFC. “The building has led to an increase
The widths are sent to people’s brigades and rescue brigades, “explained Lieutenant Colonel.

Another interesting statistic is the setting of objectives that prepare military predecessor. “We try to come to them in the process of setting as possible”, said Lieutenant Colonel. He the favorite destinations on the role they made in fighting-capable.
“We learned that graduates that prepare these arrays actually are, a strong emphasis on armor divisions,” said Lieutenant Colonel.

Translated from Hebrew