Golani fighter killed in an exchange of fire near the security fence in the central Gaza Strip

סמ”ר נתנאל מושיאשווילי. צילום רפרודוקציה

During an exchange of gunfire between armed bomber penetrated Israel territory in the central Gaza Strip and IDF force, killed Sgt. Nathaniel a oshiashvili, brought to rest today in Ashkelon

תאריך: 01/06/2012, 10:05    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Staff Sergeant natanel oshiashvili, 21, from London, was killed this morning (Friday) in an exchange of gunfire with an armed terrorist near the Gaza perimeter fence. From oshiashvili,
A Golani Brigade, was promoted to the rank of Sergeant. The funeral was held today at the military cemetery in Ashkelon.

In the early hours of the morning identified a penetrating Israel territory in the central Gaza Strip. The IDF force came to power point opened fire which led to exchanges of fire between the bomber force, during which killed the soldier. In an exchange of fire killed the terrorist fire fighters, by omitting the rear suicide bombing Israel territory. In response, air forces and armor made into open space.
Notice was given to the soldier.
The IDF did not suffer any harm to citizens of the State of Israel and security forces and act against anyone who is against terrorism of the State of Israel. Hamas is a terrorist organization and address.

Translated from Hebrew