Golani fighters foiled an smuggling drugs in Lebanon border

השלל שנתפס השבוע. צילום: משטרת ישראל

The Warriors got a stash of drugs was dumped near a fence and ambushed smugglers to bring them into custody. The suspects were arrested and the goods confiscated.

תאריך: 08/11/2012, 11:04    
מחבר: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

Golani fighters this week foiled an smuggling drugs near the border with Lebanon. The suspects detained in loot was confiscated.

The event started yesterday, when soldiers of the Golani Brigade battalion “Gideon” received information about smuggling drugs is planned in the area of Tula. On short notice the soldiers ambushed Lily.
In the morning, soldiers found a stash of drugs near the fence, which apparently were thrown because Israel Lebanon area. Soldiers of the battalion’s company that the person who
Pick up the goods in order to make an arrest. In the evening came to a point that smuggler with AIDS, and they were arrested. The packages, which contained many kilos of hashish worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, were confiscated.

This is one of the most significant concepts in recent times. “This kind of events don’t happen a lot, but for us every event of drugs is a potential for terrorist activity.
Hostile, “said the IDF site company helps major Gideon battalion”, which was on a stakeout.
The concern in the IDF is that among the factors involved in smuggling on the fence will also find terrorist from Lebanon and security forces refer to such events to talk about the threats. The arrest of the suspects, in the fifties and forties, tuba and Rahat zngrier was extended for five days in the magistrate’s Court.

Who is collaborating with the Golani force was in custody and police forces unit יג”ל unit
Lebanon border, which only last month thwarted a second large drug smuggling from Lebanon to Israel. The police arrested a resident of רג’ר village with five kilograms of heroin-type and two kilos of cocaine as a drug suspect.

Translated from Hebrew