Golani not melt with the snow: separate General winter warriors

לוחמי הגולני בחרמון. צילום: שי וגנר, דובר צה”ל

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Golani in Hermon. A rare glimpse into the strategic and operational in the turbulent period in Israel, just before the winter’s footsteps disappeared.

תאריך: 22/03/2013, 12:55    
מחבר: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

It’s March and in Israel as in Israel, summer is starting to party.
After a rainy period fertile Earth covered the length and breadth, remembered the news writer
Because it’s in the Middle East and sent the citizens to enjoy the heat.
As already shbmishor Beach to slowly fill the beaches, Safed and Golan already melted the snow and the floods subsided in one place still find it difficult to say goodbye to winter. For the Golani Brigade fighters with the help of the lightning battalion, stationed at the post winter ‘ astera ‘, more than 2,000 meters up Mount Hermon, months without snow.

‘ The astera’s northernmost outpost on the Hermon, overlooking the border triangle stands at Syria, Lebanon and Israel:. Despite the relative quiet that prevails
In the region, a strategic point may be used as the preferred route to terrorist infiltration. In the early 1990s made several infiltration attempts by terrorist squads from Syria and Lebanon, one of which also claimed the life of a reserve soldier stationed on the mountain. Platoon leader in company that her Deputy, Yelp, lets not to mislead him and staying alert every time. “Although it is not happening now, at any moment, the situation could change,” he said, “your toes are freezing, but need to maintain service also under these conditions.
We have to keep the company operational stress here.

“To serve in this closure” Hermon

IDF history of bloody white mountain. At the beginning of the war
Yom Kippur occupied the mountain commando forces. 13 killed, dozens of fighters.
Fell top was captured and added intelligence damage monumental dimensions. IDF’s attempt to reclaim the post early in the war raised by clay. Only on 21 October, the ב’מבצע dessert twist: ‘ Warriors of the Golani Brigade captured the mountain in cost of 50 fighters and hundreds wounded, the battle today is considered among the greatest legacy of the Division. Every Warrior Golani know Heroes ‘ stories by heart, and look forward to the day in which he also will keep the eyes of the State.

Golani not melt with the snow: separate General winter warriors

“This in Hermon closure,” says Lieutenant Hillel
And agree its soldiers. “It was a Golani conquered Mount Hermon, and all keep hearing we know we maintain a strategic place in the whole State of Israel.” Coat of arms of Barak Raz, a help, excited to be on the mountain.
“Before we line training concept of Mount Hermon. It was closure. To come here and keep the country’s eyes, instead of thinking, sensation
Of mission, of the tradition, “he explains.

The cold mountain passes soon upon entering the heated post. But within the electrical ovens from the corridors, the Warriors wrapped most of haltzotio army, moderate and receive hot meals of fruit. Each is added also the warm atmosphere between the fighters and commanders. “That is a family”, explains
The paternally from, “the House has a father and his children, here I have a kids.
Mine. They are doing a tough job and I’m proud “.

Golani not melt with the snow: separate General winter warriors

Before the stroke, Golani fighters were in Gaza line operational employment and intense. Raz and his helper icon reached
Hermon in purpose than were experienced. Suddenly, soldiers had to different training than we knew so far, and the adaptation to the desert route to Gaza and snowy mountain unlike its predecessor in any aspect. However, the icon doesn’t treat “Raz, the most challenging part is the training in the snow, but even when they are hard to shcatt soldiers and continue working. Also at the end and as things weren’t in our favor, stood throughout the missions.

Platoon commander sure knew how to deal with all challenges. “The atmosphere here is great and we enjoy in spite of all the difficulties. I as the Commander assured date for each task and soldiers bet they know how to lead. “

Translated from Hebrew