Good deeds day 2013: Naval officers volunteered in Yeruham

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The officers joined the ORT school Yeruham “Sapphire”, volunteering for environmental protection and improvement of the city. The volunteers at the school once a week, to reinforce students in science

תאריך: 05/03/2013, 15:57    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

The Navy also stated today (Tuesday) the “good deeds”, contribution to the community. The hours devoted גל”א branch officers (disclosure opterveni)
Volunteer in the city, along with school “ORT” Sapphire which they regularly volunteer.

The 25 officers and 120 students, 10th to 12th, layers were today in a range of activities for environmental protection and improvement of the school and the city. They cleaned the Lake and collected the bottles were scattered in the area, founder and paint the school and violate the school environment. “Deeds called opened, and we use the opportunity to help and contribute”, initiated by the voluntary, Maj. Amir Erez.
The feeling can’t be described in words. To get to the place that is non-trivial for the Navy,
And give a hand with the students and teachers for doing and helping the community. My personal feeling satisfied with our activity. I looked at the students and see they are enjoying and pride to army and Navy proud. “

Good deeds day 2013: Naval officers volunteered in Yeruham

For גל”א day branch officers deeds began. Since the beginning of the school year they come to school “ORT” Sapphire once a week, and reinforcing the students in physics, mathematics, English and citizenship. “The task today is
Some of the ahatndvot that we do at school, “explained major chassis. “The reinforcement that we give these professions is the comparative advantage of our team – all engineers are familiar with the material. Ultimately, our goal is to give them exposure to IDF and significant, “he says.

Day of good deeds in the IDF:
The HFC volunteers at a nursing home.
New school trainee volunteers with limited

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