Good deeds day 2013: the home front command troops of volunteers at a nursing home.

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Manicure position Backgammon games and open use Facebook cares are just some of the activities having the soldiers. “The relationship with the community-part from the imperative of command with civilian space”

תאריך: 05/03/2013, 10:00    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

Galleries Home Spanish life flourished in Haifa last week, when Haifa District 130 soldiers of home front command arrived voluntarily this morning’s call, and contacting the sanctuary. Everywhere you could see men and women sitting with older residents, listen to stories, played with Board games and established a position of hossot manicure. The relationship between Spanish nursing home to Haifa was planned during the year, and about 20 County soldiers come every Wednesday to assist the elderly living.

The 400th anniversary of the establishment of 21 score the HFC, in extending the activities of the week and almost all the soldiers ‘ home province. “This place is between 340 to 370 residents. We are dealing with adults on the one they have mental insane act independently and need assistance, and the other seniors who come every day from home for a few hours, “said Haifa District Commander, Colonel Eitan Yitzhak. “On the occasion of the week of the establishment of the command decided to offer this place all we could today.”

Good deeds day 2013: the home front command troops of volunteers at a nursing home.

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Haifa District sees great importance to communication with the community, as part of the connection of the home front command with civilian space in which he operates. This was built in partnership with the nursing home’s ceo, annual activity plan includes the continuation of volunteerism on a weekly basis, and several significant events which reaches a large number of soldiers.
In addition, it was decided to devote one day to visit the sanctuary in the Haifa District. “Agreed they would give us a visit and see some army,” explained Colonel Isaac. “This export that soldiers not come here usually can recognize that population.
I think it is true that the new bmtcont of Haifa District, at the Spanish fathers be part of the base on which the banks County, said.

Community space activities is not a new thing in the HFC. According to Colonel Isaac, which served as a Brigade Commander in the previous capacity, in previous years held similar activities in institutions for children with special needs. Choosing home was Spaniard seeking an institution that ahosam which deal with everyday challenges. “The decision to reach for adults is important because it also gives soldiers the
The possibility to know the generation that built this country “, said Colonel Isaac. “The soldiers came to the heart of activity. They did not hesitate and consider this day as a grueling but set a must. Some of the soldiers also wanted to come to mind frail residents, home to many animal problems. It made me happy to see that they had no fear of mirrors and professionally speaking, they can get in there and help. “

It seems that the soldiers who came to school today were indeed the mission fathers. In addition to activities initiated by home, such as painting Department and board games, decided to increase troops and meet the seniors off their world – if the manicure or assistance in opening accounts on Facebook. “I taught one of the residents how to use Facebook,” said smiling pleasantly, cpl. Gigi to home for the first time. “I came and he was really excited, we arranged to come to his house too and see him entering his home computer. He wanted to communicate with his grandchildren and had their way, so
Now he can talk to them and see their photos.

Translated from Hebrew