Good deeds day 2013: the Lebanon border troops volunteers with students with disabilities

התנדבות החטיבה עם בית הספר ‘רננים’. צילום: דובר צה”ל

The volunteer with the elderly, youth at risk and engagement: “requiring soldiers across the mission.

תאריך: 03/05/2013, 18:14    
מחבר: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

Like every year, were soldiers to deeds, allowing units to give a little more to the community and the opportunity to get some breaks. However in the designed inexpensive Northern social tndvoit
This is already a tradition, not just today.

The story of Hiram decorated began seven years ago. The Division’s soldiers, whose loyalty to the systems in Lebanon and the region, made contact with students
Renanim school ‘ to special needs populations, suffering from physical disabilities or intellectual. Due to problems, students to enlist in the army, and was designed to give them a chance to decide the military role. Weekly rise renanim school ‘ students ‘
On uniforms and reach the contact base to participate in the ongoing work of the soldiers. Together, they handle the radios and technical equipment Division, Peerless skill.

Good deeds day 2013: the Lebanon border troops volunteers with students with disabilities

Predicted events that honor Division school. “The soldiers and where they serve. Photo: דו”ץ

רס”ב Shai illouz, the equipment officer, divisional
To the project idea in 2006, then offered him the host of one of the special education students, who could not join us for military service. At the initiative of
Illouz, from the same student to come every week to the base, and the soldier who accompanied him and taught him about work. Over the years the project has gained momentum, and last year he added another student and another soldier accompanying him. The Division already understand that besides the value that students gain a personal rating that the soldiers involved in volunteering.

“Soldiers give students is nothing
Compared to what the students gave for soldiers, “said the IDF site רס”ב illouz, in charge of the project. “Everybody wants to come and wear a uniform and contribute. Tell me one you chson back in the day, he voluntarily to put the uniform on in his hanger, and looking forward to next week. “

Day of good deeds in the IDF:

Navy officers volunteered for the environment in Yeruham

The home front command troops open Facebook pages to spare home

New school apprentice volunteered with adults with disabilities

The designed volunteer projects see the Supreme value, which gives the soldiers a different form of observation and considers on the company. In addition, akbiotan
The Extras can get a paper windsock Extras, thus reinforcing the relationship between soldiers and population. Cooperation with renanim is not only dealing with the soldiers.

Throughout the year, once a week, leaving their troops and volunteers in the community, if the light combine children with disabilities, youth at risk prior to recruitment,
And the alumni.  “The military mission is not over, and the specific role, we require our troops beyond that,” explained the officer’s Education Division. “Although it sounds
On a small face, but once you get the soldier out of the frame and initiates the volunteerism that gives a feeling of influence and a good feeling. “

Think it over The soldiers also run designed for environmental gsertam, inter alia in the fields of engagement characterize gsertam. “We are in the most beautiful surroundings
In this country, and we can give her so much. It is important to connect the men to the ground and the area they serve.


Translated from Hebrew