Goodbye CBS. 77: “Lightning Shield” – new connection device IDF

שי סקיף, “במחנה”

MK 77 retires. Old radio goodbye live forces and replaced soon on the new radio transmitter shine shield “, that connects the systems controlling the IDF with internal encryption system that prevents listening to enemy.

תאריך: 08/05/2011, 23:41    
מחבר: דניאלה בוקור

The Radio 710, known as “Lightning Shield”, destined to make history. Aside from the many benefits that it carries, will replace the device the MK 77, and would be another step for improving the encryption capabilities. These days, he has been active in using full operations division 91 and Gaza Division, until the end of the current year will be found already in full deployment.

It is a family of instruments with similar but slightly different uses. The basic device, 710, designed for speech and communication between troops and fast data transfer. Among his notable advantages over competitors, MK 77 and m.k. 624 is a lightweight, portable device manually or combat vest and a range of 20 km with the amp. For comparison, consider the new MK 760 grams only, while the weight of MK.
77 came to a few pounds.

Moreover, p. 710 connects to command and control systems in the living forces, giving it a more detailed picture of the battlefield. Also, the operation of the device.
Easy and done with, and it contains provide mechanisms that allow him to work for a long time.

But it is not the jewel; The main advantage and m.k. ‘s .710 that incorporated
Where internal encryption system, which translates the information passed to a random sequence, which prevents hostile forces to listen to him. “Especially in light of the threats in the North of Gaza, which conducted numerous wiretaps, giving the device in encrypted speech capability critical space,” explained
The IDF site tactical communications head Lieutenant Colonel father Uriel. “Lessons learned, inter alia,
During the second Lebanon, where Hizbollah forces to broadcast networks, realize the importance of bmchshirim with high encryption. Furthermore, the lack of which was the famous measures forces during the war, including walkie-talkies, the prices you need.
So that MK 710 meets two needs: quantity and quality.


The devices passed all tests advanced safety

Division 91 the device about three months longer, and Gaza is combined in the last month. As noted, the trend is to bring to any device from the IDF. Later that Barak went to shield the lowest layers and replace the MK 77 clumsy and lacking credibility due to the many years of service.

M.k.-710 are joining some friends with different abilities. MK 711, for example, provides for ground air and ground contact in high frequencies, and m.k. 713 is
“Red version” and has diving capabilities. All “the collection” made in albite, and the theme was built for many years even in the devices have undergone extensive testing to ensure that the radiation they generate. “The series MK through all new safety tests for advanced”, said Maj. רמ”ד tactical communications era Bezalel,” among other things, the device checks Saar similar to cellular phones. These tests proved his radiation standards permitted.

“This is almost the first swallow in the revolution of the signal Corps in,” added Lt.-Col. Uriel, “below, hopefully that will improve all the arrays, and will respond to all the devices and laptops mosais.

Translated from Hebrew