Grandparents day at IDF: enhance the combat commanders

צילום: יהונתן בן דוד, “במחנה”

“Empowering women” of manpower Directorate continues to build — “objective: to strengthen and support the commanders.”

תאריך: 07/02/2013, 16:36    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

Terms of service section of the South commanding general, as in the army, plans to focus in 2013 mainly combat commanders of company leader to the rank of Division Commander, and hold meetings with the commanders, in a program called “empowering women”.
“The goal is to strengthen and support the commanders”, explained to the IDF head of individual site in southern command Chief, Maj. asidon. “Women are dealing with the intense role of husbands, women are forced to deal with other”, she noted.

Commanders warriors receive many benefits, due to intensive and hard work as getting in on short notice. However, the Commander of a permanent service is often faced with the difficulty the existence of family life alongside his wife and with whom you should share the burden. “We plan to conduct three meetings in certain topics where guiding a group of women talking with them they must cope as raising children almost
“, Said Maj. asidon, the” try to give women the tools to cope.

The meetings will be held by command, and these meetings will not depending on where you shoot, but according to place of residence of the family.

Translated from Hebrew