Second Lieutenant, who finish the course last week, was the first witness to reach the desert patrol, and the first to control it as: “continue to prove our quality everywhere.”

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מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

מיעוטים בצה”ל
קורס קצינים

Another line to the Druze officer course completed: last week, Ben became a cadet witness, first Druze officer patrol “grenade” – the finest unit operates in Givati and specializes in desert warfare describes the border property.  “Druze enlist the army and make it to the end,” said second lieutenant r. in conversation
The IDF site explaining that “each should give and continue to protect the country and the best in my eyes is to be in combat.

Another high school in the tenth grade, started second lieutenant r. to look forward for the draft and for joining the ranks of the IDF had saying, clearly and beyond had clearly anticipated goal is a service. “I started to train and run a lot, and an elite unit was my goal,” said second lieutenant. “When I got to day cruisers passed the formulation, but struck out because medical section, shared RS. Cadet seems insurmountable obstacle.
However, he decided to continue to fight for an elite unit inlay. “I decided not to give up.
And I felt I had to do it, “said.

When the long-awaited draft day Cadet recruit see Givati and purple beret.
“Givati feelings were, and this Division had clearly come out for presenting ironic features on television units, restore, see his first steps in.” I went to formulating and everything worked according to plan, and finally accepted. When I got ל”רימון” 1A it was the fulfillment of a dream, “he recalled.

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Upon completion of this step between second lieutenant r. that is soldier of the first Druze Recon “There is
Many Druze in cruisers, and door open to members of the military Committee, “he said adding that
“I’m trying to prove my quality everywhere.”  Regarding his ADA mshtvatim all IDF units, combat units said that “we must continue and succeed, to prove our quality everywhere, especially in Israel.

Since it was decided to attach the Druze to the security service law in 1957, they blend in with the army and their increasing recruitment rates for those of the Jewish population.
“The State of Israel needs us. Who’s got the ability. Be it Army Commander, second lieutenant r. “the choice to go to the officers. “If you look at what is happening in the world you can see that the country needs us more than ever”.

Great first officer to “grenade”

Both Druze officers who completed the course in fighting last week.

Just before the finish, second lieutenant officers see that as a significant way to the mask from the ranks. “Now, toward the end of the course, I look back and see that through. The course completion and were nervous and there was a lot of time to think, “shared experiences intense era. “I didn’t think much about the job during the course, but now I’m starting to realize that getting soldiers
You will be under my command, “he said, adding that” a lot of responsibility on my shoulders. “

With a purple beret and a dream come true – all he has left is to go ahead with them will command troops. “I don’t want to lead the people, but to lead them to victory,” he concluded.

Translated from Hebrew