Following the fires, residents were evacuated from their homes. A few hours later acquired control of fire today (Thursday) during
Noon, fires broke out in Jerusalem. Police and firefighting forces and rescue
Operating in various locations to put out fires and evacuate residents.

First a fire
In the area and began evacuating residents from the houses first. Later more fires broke out
In the area of mevaseret Zion and Gilo. Some residents living in the area have been evacuated. More fires broke
Also in Abu Ghosh and Mateh Yehuda Regional Council and tzelafon. During the fire on Gilo was injured.
A woman from smoke inhalation and was treated on the spot. As a result of infections began to turn to facial street residents, too.
Illuminate in romema.

A few hours later acquired.
Controlling the fires that broke out in the neighborhoods of Ramot and uplifted. In addition all fires that erupted in mevaseret Zion
And Abu Ghosh. All roads opened to traffic and residents returned to their homes. However, directed the EPA street residents Joseph
Gabbai of Jerusalem were asked to stay indoors, close Windows and openings due to air pollution resulting from smoking.

Translated from Hebrew