Groundbreaking battle lab in GoC army headquarters

גדוד חי”ר נלחם. צילום ארכיון

The lab, which consists of a collection of sophisticated and realistic simulators that allow entire squads to practice complex battles, was inaugurated last month.

תאריך: 16/01/2013, 13:05    
מחבר: יעל זהבי, אתר צה”ל

Tuesday, the first day of the year 2013. פלנ”ט (anti-tank company) infantry preparing to attack deep inside Lebanon. All the soldiers in their positions, giving orders to open fire. Begin.

On one side you can see a car full of Hezbollah operatives who are trying to escape from the soldiers. On the other hand, is a rocket launcher disguised among the Lebanese mountains.
Any soldier from Givati Brigade operates according to synergy, and they admire the event.
2 days
Prepare the soldiers long this attack and learned to work with some of the new weapons and sophisticated weaponry Department (weapons) of GoC army headquarters. Now
The time has come. About 40 minutes after the operation ends goal was achieved.

As far as the composite scenario sounds far-fetched, the realistic depiction and the event actually occurred. The reason things aren’t published in the communication is the virtual experiment being closed on new battle lab a (military studies) at Tel Hashomer. This is the first experiment in the battle which was inaugurated last month.

Groundbreaking battle lab in GoC army headquarters

Givati troops in regimental exercise, archive

Realistic scenarios against Hezbollah.

Starting Sunday are the Tel Hashomer base feln and preparing innovative experiment, running on the most advanced simulators of m, and contains extensive use of weapons classified records, vouchers and use their combined. After intense days of learning about the purpose of the experiment and briefings on how to operate the simulators. the soldiers the real thing, including real.
Image of a military operation in Lebanon. Every day of the trial, along with senior Branch and weaponry Department, six trials, each with an average length 40
Minutes-until we moshmadot most of the goals and objectives are achieved.
Looking at the purple soldiers use the simulators now feel they are in the living room at all their games in the computer game “Call of Duty”, except at the Tel Hashomer base, the heroes wore olive green uniforms and practice realistic scenarios against Hezbollah.
Before executing each scenario, the battalion commander battle procedure, namely planning, mission and taking the company commander. Then starts the scenario – each soldier manning one of the position to which he is talented and big clock placed next the battalion commander and Commander, begins to run.

The level of difficulty rises from scenario to scenario. “The idea is to make as many scenarios to
It looks like we’re getting the same results and statistical significance, “says Captain with me, a weaponry Division which commands. “Next we add another mission scenario
Alongside the enemy fighters, upgrade his weapons and perfect it might be our soldiers.
Need to change the little scenarios from time to time in order to challenge the soldiers, you don’t get bored, “he adds.

“The next scenarios we use weak enemy–he should have shot ten rockets to succeed. But if I see during the trial there was a link not behaving properly so I hold the enemy, “he says.
At the end of each scenario are gathering all the participants in the discussions, all on your tv screen test at from all angles, and discuss what happened. The discussion among the officers and soldiers occur openly and learn from everyone.
Military research department developed the simulators to break realistic records: geographically the area resembled the exact areas of Lebanon, the role of the soldiers look like an average soldier in the IDF and helmet that crawls crawl, seem identical weapons as well as all other
Details on the houses, the cars, the way the enemy tkipathno. But when injured troops and enemy fire, contrary to reality, I ended it from his seat, leaves the experiment to have a cup of coffee, and research to figure out how to work
Better next time.


Translated from Hebrew