Guide to life

מדריכי אוכלוסייה, השבוע. צילום: פיקוד העורף

Guiding emergency population of home front command were also the major locations in the South of the country, to move the residents to save lives.
“From our perspective this is a mission,” they tell

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מחבר: הדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

Even in the last round of escalation in the South of the country, guiding the population to
The home front command’s emergency were in the South to help the local population.
The Guide (not) deployed with the body of information and assistance in the field of the HFC and wafiq them close to the action.

“We can protect you.”

Both are instructors at the lobby front Hadar, rehabilitation center. One of them tells you to present how they should operate in alarm and her translator.
To dissect malsh Russian. So that everyone will understand and know. “These guidelines could save your life,” they say. “The situation is heating up and we decided to come to you, command.
HomeFront, hone and Dyke. That way even at home, for example, know where to go. “

Although distribute the things are always more questions: If I light If
Not going to achieve? What’s going on? And train? They tell about past cases as an example of an event that save lives or an error. “We are coming to the surface, talk and communicate with citizens and can protect them. I see my role as a mission, malsh number, corporal James pitkovsky.

Half an hour later falls for Grad “Hadar neighborhood. The rehabilitative Center knew the right action to take.

Guide to life

The goal is to tell as many people as possible.

Large shopping centers (“big”, “One” and the canyons) rotate base pairs of soldiers dressed in uniforms vest. Orange color, the biretta.
They check with shop owners if they are prepared and ready, do you have a problem.
Customer facing representatives and various civilians in the compound, the protected area and explain. Their main task is the moment of truth – to turn everybody into the protected area and to guide how to act.

Civilians shopping partner, approach and ask questions. “We are here to reassure the local population and to inspire confidence,” explains one of the women soldiers, corporal Naser. “We came here because the situation heats up. We saw people calm.
While there are those who deliberately alarm them and help me. “she adds, private peer drat.

The focus of the Israel Police Southern District for not sitting.
The focus of the home front command 24 hours available for questions and instructions. Sitting next to Corps toll-free telephones at 100 and receive calls related to protect – what do you do with the kids when a protected space, how are shamclt close and generally communicate to ascertain where fall grad.

They are calm and confident on the terrified and confused callers. “It is our job to guide to find the best protected,” explains emergency population officer Lieutenant-Gili Gershon. “And basically aim to try to explain to as many people as possible.”

A short distance away, at the same time, a number of offences not subject workshop on defense and shooting these missiles each freedom to initiate places should go and explain. They range mostly buses and fit the content to the intended audience (adults, children,
Patients with disabilities or special populations). Also Soroka Hospital. ”
Came to be there for the residents. Each admits she is advocating.

“The citizens are very accepting and happy to see us. They feel safe and are listening “,
Says rookie in search and rescue detachment of the HFC, PFC guy lost. Instead they advanced training guide in alarms and enlist for the common goal.

Guide to life

Doing anything to help.

The guide travels from House to house in the suburbs of “soft” construction of buildings without fortification. They land the residents how to choose a protected space, find your favorite room with them and show them how to sound an alarm. They visit all the houses

After three rockets fell in Ashdod, malsh before citrus House “had decided to go to building schools in the city, individual initiative and motivation.
“Here we communicate with residents. Affect them. Do everything
To help, they tell.

Translated from Hebrew