Hamas in an effort to get increased attacks against Israel-Judea

אילוסטרציה: דו”צ

In revealing that despite the truce, Hamas intensified effort in order
Check out attacks including the kidnapping and murder of soldiers. Behind the programs about Fathi Hamad, Hamas also serves as Senior Minister of the Interior

תאריך: 13/03/2013, 15:30    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה“ל

In the South Pacific is maintained against the backdrop of cease-fire understandings between Israel and Hamas, Egypt and obtained assistance led to the end of operation “pillar”. However, information
Adds, inter alia by GSS officers of the General Security Service,
An increased effort by Hamas in months which have passed since the end of the operation, to perform attacks against Israel targets using operatives, recruited there.
So. Among other things it is also attacks such as suicide, kidnapping and killing.

Behind some bombing intentions but about Fathi Hamad, a senior Hamas official in Gaza, also Minister of the Interior. Hamad, known for his outspoken, would many times regarding the need to continue carrying out attacks against Israel and was involved in recent years in an effort to carry out attacks, including through attempts to smuggle explosives, were thwarted in the past year by the IDF and Israel Police said.

Hamas in an effort to get increased attacks against Israel-Judea

Fathi Hammad, Hamas ‘ Interior Minister

As is known, though, Hammad is his allies, Hamas, operate. He runs a Brook from Aqsa protectors built by him and which he used as a patron. During interrogation in inhabit Hamas activists arrested in Mayo, revealed in the last days of the Mayo Foundation recruits, which was involved with associates of Hamad. The infrastructure, its residents of RAS Karkar and Silwad, area was different in various attacks, including the kidnapping of a soldier, marine, or sat, and rockets and igorn.

The members held opposite the track connection through the Internet, especially e-mail and phones are operational. They received training in the fields of production of weaponry and recruiting
Other activists. They received concrete instructions for the abduction of a soldier to take his ID and his cell phone for negotiating and then kill him and bury him in hiding.

The arrest of the members, who were in advanced stages of preparation and delivered the found thing in Act within a few days, prevented them from out with. Activity of Hamad, a senior Hamas leadership in the Gaza Strip, which also serves as Minister of the Interior responsible for preserving the peace and ceasefire agreement, constitutes a flagrant violation of the agreement. This illustrates both the continuing involvement of the senior Hamas leadership in promoting attacks against targets in Israel, and in spite of the commitment before the cease-fire.

Translated from Hebrew