Hamas ‘ military infrastructure exposed in Hebron

That and the IDF uncovered in recent months, Hamas ‘ military infrastructure in Hebron, whose members planned terrorist activity execution by Hamas activist released within
“Gilad Shalit”

תאריך: 04/03/2013, 13:47    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

General Security Service in the IDF, assisted in recent months uncovered military infrastructure of Hamas in Hebron, which hochoono members, to carry out terrorist activities by Hamas, was expelled to Gaza Strip in Shalit deal, “planned to perform various attacks, but were arrested before they were able to carry out with you. A pipe, prepared for the bombing extradited.

During interrogation at the General Security Service of the infrastructure, most of them have been as active in local military squads of Hamas in Hebron, that meant to perform various attacks, including an attack cargo and firing at the IDF position around the city.

The main infrastructure are:

Manzhouli Musa Diyab, ג’ונידי, 23-year old, from Hebron. Arrested on 28 November 2012.
He served as Mayor and recruit. During interrogation he confessed that stood in contact with Basel’s iimveni, a Hamas activist from Hebron released ב”עסקת Shalit” and deported to the Gaza Strip, around plans to raise military squad, carried out attacks against Israeli targets.

Mohammad Hassan Rajab Abu Khaled, 25 year-old resident of Hebron. He was arrested on 29 November 2012.
Recruited by Julia ג’ונידי. During interrogation he confessed that produce, along with other pipe (turned) to attack, and in planning and targeting within the squad.

Hans rateb Ahmad, 23 year-old resident of Hebron. Arrested on 28 November 2012. Squad member.

Over the past few months, been submitted to the military court in Judea charges against members of the people of their membership in an unlawful association, conspiracy to cause death, holding and carrying weapons, explosive manufacturing, and refunds
It should be noted that the Foundation emphasizes the potential threat emanating from Hamas infrastructure in Judea and Samaria, especially given the connection to Hamas in the Gaza Strip. In this context, it should be noted the arrest (may 2012) of paddy alhakim Karen Abu Daoud processor processor, 25 year-old resident of Hebron, admitted during questioning that he was recruited in Saudi Arabia by Khaled Taha, released “Gilad Shalit”, originates from Hebron, who was deported to Gaza.
Khaled Taha instructed Abu Daoud to establish a link, you make various types of suicide attacks and shootings, and promised to deliver to him, for this purpose, weapons, out of Gaza.

Translated from Hebrew