Hamas thwarted an attempt to establish regional headquarters in Hebron

Terrorist infrastructure exposed and thwarted by the IDF and the GSS, intended to rehabilitate the military capabilities in the region, with an emphasis on capacity building for the implementation of kidnapping

תאריך: 31/01/2013, 14:04    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת ומערכת אתר צה”ל

For release: IDF, in cooperation with, foiled an attempt to establish regional headquarters of the military wing of Hamas in the Hebron area. About 20 terrorists were arrested,
All known members of Hamas who are already serving lengthy prison terms in an Israeli prison, military action. The detainees were transferred to the security forces.

The investigation revealed that the terrorist operatives standing in contact with stakeholders from abroad for
Funds, help and instructions. In addition, the case that the main organization that was thwarted in order to carry out terrorist activities, especially the hijack to bargaining for the release of prisoners. Infrastructure operators have already started to plan an attack like that, trying to find a safe and tie a knot with an Israeli civilian to serve as driver.

The inquiry, which deported many weapons were carried by members of the Organization, including more than 10 different kinds of weapons intended to be used in the planned attacks.
A military court in Judea, indictments against the activists.

Hamas thwarted an attempt to establish regional headquarters in Hebron

Weapons seized during targeted terrorist infrastructure

“This is a very violent military infrastructure, which was trying to carry out attacks on the main axis in if she had the chance,” said Yehuda Brigade Commander Colonel AVI belote, Hebron district. “The great achievement.
He managed to get on a very broad infrastructure and eliminate them before leaving to attack,
Intelligence document. Usually, only after attacks tend to see the organizational structure behind it, and this time saw him before we met him from the wrong side of
The barrel “.

Mattis emphasized that prevention was successful thanks to cooperation between States. “we received accurate intelligence, and to reach the weapon we need to break down the walls and floors. We will continue to work with and to do everything to be always ahead of terrorist links.

Translated from Hebrew