Hamas thwarted an attempted hijacking in the Eilat area

A month ago the arrest Muhammad Abu aadera, a Hamas activist who worked to carry out the kidnapping of a soldier. Hamas continues to operate against Israel, while continuous attempts to abduct soldiers.

תאריך: 21/03/2012, 12:58    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Today (Wednesday) that allowed for publication that the General Security Service stopped at the end of last February, Muhammad Abu aadera, a Hamas activist Rafah, which run within the armed wing of Hamas to use suicide bombing and kidnapping in the region.

Towards the end of the month you aadera seat while trying to sneak into Israel along with other activists, through the Gaza Strip border. During interrogation he confessed that for Chinese last year, through a tunnel, following the criminal conflict. After several months spent in contact
Muhammad Abu Yunis, aadera, a resident of Rafah, a Hamas military activist described by Muhammad Abu aadera as Commander of the artillery and the observations of Hamas in Sinai.

Jonas draw asked Abu aadera pet to work for Hamas in Sinai, make observations and filming Israeli posts along the border with Israel for terrorist attack. Muhammad Abu Yunis aadera, international draw because there are additional factors in intelligence-gathering operations for terrorist attacks for Hamas and some even get for this activity.
Money not lost.

After expressing his willingness to work for Hamas in Sinai smuggled to Gaza Mohammad Abu aadera
Through a tunnel by Hamas activists in the Gaza Strip before a comprehensive military briefing and explained that the purpose of
Intelligence gathering in examination of goals to implement terrorist attacks.

During August 2011 held the two (aadera and Mohammad Abu Rushdi Abu aadera) most observations when they are equipped with sophisticated cameras and GPS which marked the places they’ve been spying. The two also aided other local residents.
Among the targets picked them noteworthy intelligence gathering intelligence on Taba
With an emphasis on examining the security forces and the guard positions. The two also collected intelligence
On military posts deployed along the border with Israel and a host of civilian targets
In Israel and the city of Eilat.

As part of their two room several times into areas of Israel in order to gather better intelligence about the goals and methods of access.

ISA said that after making the observations forwarded and rshdi their information, the information is being tested by Hamas activists. Then received two briefings for missions and the dokadkim about the information and required them to collect intelligence.

Further examination revealed that ISA Muhammad Abu aadera expressed his willingness to attack anti-tank toward military and civilian targets on the border of Sinai Israel willing to make Chinese rocket toward Israel. The Commander of the Hamas military brigade in Rafah, Attar, authorities explained to Abu aadera pet that will attack an Israeli soldier and a planned hijacking a bus in which a squad of suicide bombers going to Eilat for a suicide bombing. Muhammad
Aadera confessed during interrogation that the expressed consent to get the suicide squad.

Muhammad Abu aadera added that Younis out told him that completed the suicide squad attack bombers and prepared to transport infrastructure in the Sinai but they are waiting now ripening conditions for realization.

Today, indicted on counts: contact with outside companies in an unlawful assembly, conspiracy to commit murder, type of crime, conspiracy to commit a crime, type of intent to harm State security, and more.
Interrogation of Hamas for activities at Sinai, in an attempt to take advantage of this region in order to infiltrate Israel and attacks. Another teaching activity on the BA acting terrorist groups in Sinai and the potential they identify in this arena. His arrest brought to prevent the attack joins a series of attempted Chinese way was thwarted in recent weeks.

Translated from Hebrew