Happy new permanent model – “regularly”

And the army general staff Forum members ratified the new model army, formed in the past two years. The changes will ensure quality, ethical command Avenue
And rewarded

תאריך: 21/06/2011, 20:25    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Chief Lieutenant General Benny Gantz and Forum staff members confirmed today (Monday), the new permanent model for the IDF “regularly”. The model formulated in the past two years in conjunction with all arms and wings, under the head of personnel, Maj. Gen. avi Zamir, and designed to hold the set for the challenges expected in the future in the field of management and control.

Model “regularly” which included several changes to the IDF determined which goal to ensure quality, ethical command Avenue and is rewarded. Implementation of the new model will be seen over the next two decades.

The changes includes the model: the core system administration tool including reward mechanisms and separation, the transition to pension gains and coping with its effects, covering the army retirement and plots to raise ages ordered retirement, according to an agreement with the Treasury in August 2010.

There is also a plan to add new rank after rank of warrant sergeant major, which will be called against long (רנ”ם).

The model certificate, Chief General Benny Gantz, realization and said that “Israel’s security is based on quality, professional and permanent training and permanent support model. The model will address the evolving needs of the IDF and to preserve priorities etgrio, warriors and get to the maturity and the experience of serving in combat roles and fighting supporters alike.

Translated from Hebrew