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הענקת ציון השבח לרס”ן דוד שפירא. צילום: דובר צה”ל

Maj. David Shapiro won the Honorable (special mention) which was awarded the OC Central command, a year and a half after the terrorist who killed eight yeshiva students kitchen
“Herb” Center in Jerusalem. “He deserves many rights apart from this shadow, praise his father-in-law, Rabbi Hillel Plesser

תאריך: 20/10/2009, 13:37    
מחבר: רוני אפרת

In a festive ceremony held this evening (Tue) at central command, awarded score
Praise (special mention) to major David Shapira. This spirit, killed the terrorist who murdered
Eight students from the Mercaz haRav yeshiva in Jerusalem, a year and a half ago. The shadow received Shapira פקמ”ז champion, Gadi shamni, who was appointed Attaché in Washington last night.

On Halloween 2008 the room from the Mercaz haRav yeshiva in the Kiryat Moshe neighborhood, and mass slaughter dozens of students that something somewhere. Bomber killed, eight students and injured nine others. Maj. David Schapiro, then captain and battalion 890 אג”ם officer of the paratroopers, put their children to sleep in his house next to the yeshiva. It was Thursday, where coincidentally returned home after Schapiro was scheduled to stay in Saturday. When he heard the gunfire outside, pulled out his gun and ran. The voices, and then the keyboard led him into the library, where he found
The bomber when he qualified for the attack, while seven students hiding from him in the room. Dozens of others rather than room sealed with all next next to prevent entry. Shapiro fired 16 bullets when terrorists brought death.

After combing the place with police who came to the region, 800. He called his commander, c. 890 and reported him what happened. Col. Hickey, leaking, praised
It focused on the shooting after a concerted effort, at the risk of his life without any protection. In the same
The summer was appointed Company Commander Shapira that Regiment, and now he is during military studies at Bar-Ilan University. The shadow of recommending to the Commander “designed
“Age, Brig. Gen. Yehezkel, Aegean for courage, professionalism and persistence in the operation against the terrorist.

Rabbi Hillel Plesser, father-in-law of Spira (father of Moshe Plesser, a shadow on neutralization
A bulldozer attack bomber b-m), told Akiba Novick IDF wave: “glad to hear about the shadow he deserves respect. Very modest guy that fought in operation
‘ Cast ‘ and he deserves many rights apart from this shadow. Shapiro is the cousin
The Warrior’s Noam Cohen, who was murdered in February 1994 in a well-planned ambush in Ramallah by a collaborator, and adds that “Rabbi Plesser grassroots family. There is no doubt that the roots of education received a very big impact on his personality, which is what led him into action.

Translated from Hebrew