Harel conducted a pension fund status Batmen

The company was chosen after ordered, process, which were contested by the leading insurance companies. The company will retain the rights of serving set

תאריך: 22/06/2011, 17:28    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

At the end of the selection process, thorough, methodical and, where participated
Several of the leading insurance companies in the market, Minister of Defense, Mr. Ehud Barak, that the company
“Rael” is that the best proposal for the management of the server has determined that the market gains.

The procedure has been run primarily to ensure
That the unique Foundation selected for permanent servers maintain the rights and ensure the conditions have pensions payable pursuant to law. Procedure procedure in order to obtain for the servers determine optimal pension shell taking into account the unique characteristics of service required of them, demanding and competitive management fees, service
And additional benefits.

Mr. Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, will refer in this regard to the Minister of finance, Dr. Yuval Steinitz for his consent to a unique new Fund, in accordance with the law. If the proposal is approved by the Minister of finance, will take place in the coming months beyond of that servant pension market accumulate, policyholders in temporary funds to selected Fund.

Translated from Hebrew