Haruv “Battalion” to Ramadan and shows a decrease in the amount of throwing stones.


In the month of Ramadan tthogber maintaining Jewish settlements in the Etzion region
By fighters of the Haruv “battalion of the Kfir Brigade, stationed in sector. Last month managed to bring about a decrease in the amount of stone throwing incidents

תאריך: 14/07/2013, 12:45    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת ודנה פטרוב, אתר צה“ל

Troop of the carob Kfir Brigade, as his men perform operational in Etzion, conducted beforehand to Ramadan and continue the activity which leads to many operational successes, including a significant reduction in the amount of injections at the hinges. Recently, the Battalion carried out dozens of arrests and arson squad captured when operating in the area of Kfar Etzion during 5 years.
In addition to weaponry concepts were found during different types of weapons, including a rifle.
Hunting and gun.

During Ramadan Muslims fasting practices during the day, from Sunrise until sunset, and great meals throughout the night. Accordingly reduced the activity.
In Palestinian villages at night and tthogber maintaining Jewish settlements in the sector.
“In previous years, we have witnessed an increase in the number of thefts from towns at night during Ramadan,” explained the קמב”צית battalion, second lieutenant Tal nshimol. She “started in ambushes and patrols in order to prevent entrance and stealing from them.

Haruv battalion during operations of the Etzion, the battalion managed to arrest dozens of wanted persons. Earlier this week the battalion troops arrested 25 wanted Palestinians in two days as part of operation ogdati, including ones that India’s planning a shooting attack and attacks on civilians.
She said the second lieutenant’s nshimol last week arrested by the company separately three Palestinians during a routine inspection, car found a gun, a knife and brass knuckles. Another significant achievement of the regiment was the arrest of four Palestinians who used to set fields in the area of Kfar Etzion in five years, which have led to fires in the community itself and danger.

One of the main tasks of the battalion in sector is the defending 60 axis, the Central sector and exposed to threats such as throws stones and Molotov cocktails. Thanks to the battalion, during the last week dropped the amount of stones axes significantly – ten cases a week to three a week. “One of our main threats is from the neighboring villages of Palestinians throwing stones at cars,” said second lieutenant in nshimol, “the goal of the forces is to keep the stone throwers in the village stones
And prevent them from reaching the harvest and to harm civilians. “

Despite their hectic routine, the fighters express satisfaction with the task. “I didn’t sign up to serve as warriors to sit all day,” says the IDF website: tgern
Sakov, “our goal is to protect and enable lifestyle here in the sector, and as we succeed in this mission we get great satisfaction. I believe a fighter who comes here understands the importance of what we do, and I think we’re definitely ready for the type of operation and activity.

Translated from Hebrew