He was appointed Brigade Commander Colonel create 401: “strive for peace but ready for war.”

אל”מ סער צור. צילום: דובר צה”ל

Colonel create the role replaces Colonel grape which operation administrators will serve as an officer in the אג”ם happy logging: the Warriors are those who determine the fate of the next campaign, technological systems”

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מחבר: פלורית שויחט, אתר צה”ל

After two years of command of the most advanced armor, designed the iron trail (Division 405), said last Tuesday his command Colonel Berry the Mullen Division, Colonel Saar. The ceremony took place in the presence of senior central command and GoC army headquarters and Division troops at Latrun. His role will advance to Colonel down a אג”ם of central command, replacing Colonel Ilan Malka.

“The Brigade Division 401, IDF’s decision, with the tank. But as I told you before, the Division is on the battlefield, Kiss and technology systems
Smart as they are, “said the Colonel, his marrow. During the tenure of Colonel
His first was in the history of the IDF (http://www.idf.il/1133-16373-he/Dover.aspx
) Defense system detection and active destruction of anti-tank missiles, “trophy”.
The system has proved very effective in operational activity in the Gaza Strip, and integration in tank Merkava mark IV has advanced Division 401 armored brigade in the IDF.

“Don’t hand the case that led to so many of the Division’s achievements and successes. It was a total investment of you on proper ExampleFor your men and straight power, the outgoing marrow admirals Regiment. “Many times I told the rookies I 29th Brigade’s marrow, but
The first to raise a major day for Israel, he said, “it was to show them that with desire, hard work and perseverance can go far, and their obligation to Excel, without shortcuts.”

Brig. Gen. Motti Bruch, Commander steel, decorated her subject Division, thanked his work to. “Running tirelessly to combat Division and the preparation for war, those actions that were content for the Division is the leading decision in Israel.

People are those who determine the fate of the next campaign

“Division is armored divisions 401 luxurious Israel Defense Forces,” said the Commander of the Brigade, Colonel Saar. “We armored warriors, fighters
Armored Division and divisions in four defense forces, Israel owes to our friends on the wall
Debt existence, “he said,” we remember the sacrifice of heroes who have fallen in Israel, systems strive and strive for peace but ready for war “.

Although the methods for disposal as the Commander of the Brigade, Colonel create stresses the power of leverage. “People are the ones who will determine the fate of the next campaign, and the latest sophisticated”, “Division 401 under grape designed
In the center of the action, ready for a challenge both to the North and South, can react quickly, professionalism, determination and fighting spirit which all its people “.

The Division Commander, Brig. Gen. Baruch, greeted Colonel create with command of the Division.
“Replace command ceremony symbolizes the end of an era, long chain link, the heritage Division while it is a sign of continuity and new direction,” he said, “you have solid foundations for the many achievements and Division primarily to promote its readiness for war,” said.

Until recently he served as Brigade Commander Colonel Sturm create spatial Benjamin and Samaria Division earlier served as second in command, and as a soldier in the armored Corps.

Translated from Hebrew