Head אכ”א: marching in Poland not only remember winners, too.

צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

Ali champion love, Chief of delegation participates in the ל”מצעד, writing from Poland:” we are committed to ensure the continuation of our existence as free in our country. “

תאריך: 08/04/2013, 09:16    
מחבר: אלוף אורנה ברביבאי

Yom Hashoah is a calendar that times will never flood of thoughts and reflections for decades on a dark and terrible days of World War II, but also to the future of humanity to experience kachia to exterminate the Jewish people and the nagging question: are we really living in the real world which can’t happen a second Holocaust?

These thoughts are changes take effect when all that much I walking on the land
Poland, too, dressed in Israeli army of Chief of staff of the army. The rest of us.
Together, an IDF delegation a unique blend and so of commanders in the present and in the past, aoteri
Israel systems, bereavement, family and of course our loved ones, survivors of the extermination camps built by Nazi death machine.

Us army commanders there is an important responsibility of her: to remember and to remind our troops
Why we take part in an important mission in the service of the State. The purpose of the IDF is to ensure the existence of the State of Israel, which since its inception for Jewish Home World.

Direct line connects the pass down the memory of the Holocaust and the moral basis for the implementation of the Israeli conception that we’re getting dozens of delegations “witnesses in uniform”
For Poland, including thousands of young commanders and headquarters. At the same time we, led by commanders at all levels, extensive information about the Holocaust and kachia, not only theoretically but level personal involvement of commanders and soldiers for “flower” project, which
Visit the homes of survivors committed one-to-one correspondence generation’s contribution to establish himself and ash contributed to consolidate our existence here as a nation.

When we walked through the gates of Auschwitz-Birkenau siphon encouragement and strength of us presence of the bereaved families, reflecting perhaps the most painful of the terrible price defense ofyour country. Among the delegation that is also sit in Captain (Ret.) Noam gershoni, helicopter pilot who was severely wounded during the second Lebanon war and remained paralyzed in the lower body. Despite the difficulties, became Olympic champion grace and positive approach to life is testimony won victory.

Also his personality of Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Dr. Yitzhak Arad (Center), who walks with us today is, which illustrate the connection between the Holocaust. As someone who fought alongside partisans is immediately joined the Palmach immigrating to Israel, and later served in the IDF in
And deals with the study of the Holocaust.

The delegation parade gives a new interpretation to the term “victory” and that returned to the extermination camps not only remember, but primarily as winners, as individuals and as a society. The strength of Israel as a State company, which faces and have to deal with various challenges in the future, there is importance in understanding the significance of the Holocaust of the Jewish people and humanity. The background score 65 years of independence of the State of Israel we all are obliged to ensure the continuation of our existence as free.

Translated from Hebrew