Head אכ”א met with French Deputy Chief of staff

ראש אכ”א וסגן רמטכ”ל צרפת לענייני כוח אדם, הגנרל דה-סיינט סאלבי

Ali champion love where visiting France, spoke French Deputy Chief of staff about the Israeli women combination

תאריך: 12/12/2011, 17:03    
מחבר: תמרה בן נתן, אתר צה”ל

The head of the IDF personnel Directorate, Gen. Ali love, finished last week on a special visit to France, during which, among other things, met with Deputy Chief of France, רמטכ”ל Deputy personnel affairs France, Chairman of the Association for applied in France and representatives of the Jewish community.

A love mascara before the French Deputy Chief of the main challenges in the field of personnel. Among the expanding head אכ”א on integrating women in the IDF, on equal vision
The opportunities and the Israel Army leaders who testify to her consistent positive field integrating women in professions. According to French General, women comprise only 15 percent of the France army personnel and very few of them reach senior ranks.

The issue raised the question of אכ”א head handling casualties and told French General on the array, which has no equivalent in France army. She offered the Vice Chief of full cooperation in issues related to supporting bereaved families, persons and wounded.

During the visit, gathered some 300 thousand euros during the annual fund-raising dinner held in Foundation (Israel State security) which operates in France, champion of love was the guest of honor. It also met with אכ”א head of the Jewish community in France, which particularly impressed.

“Visits by the Jewish community encountered a lot of TLC. The care and concern of the Jews of France to soldiers and commanders were unequivocally. I see France-Jewish
An important and key with community must deepen cooperation now and in the future, אכ”א head summed up the visit.

Translated from Hebrew