Head אכ”א: we and deepened with the bereaved families.

ראש אכ”א, האלוף אורנה ברביבאי

Gen. Ali love the article to remember “Memorial Day in our hearts forever the fallen and the fall”. Exclusive

תאריך: 24/04/2012, 20:35    
מחבר: ראש אגף כוח האדם, האלוף אורנה ברביבאי

Doubt has more on the IDF’s agenda – and certainly of manpower Directorate — a touchy subject and is more complex than that which the world of bereavement. Same concept, which respects your dictionary definition about the loss of a close family member, but the Israeli experience has become almost exclusively associated with that fall during military service.

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Head about families at the busy daily bereavement
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Top אכ”א special article: remember in our hearts forever fallen.
The IDF spokesperson wrote that all men and commanders during his
Chief: keep falling warrants-keep the House.
The fee for commanders and soldiers Memorial Day

Grief is another element in the relations between the IDF and the Israeli society. Often, the initial cause is painting – in many ways – all elements of the relationship between the army and society affects him. How to care of the bereaved families in there, therefore, importance and great significance, beyond the immediate contact with the families.

Contact with the bereaved families is one of the pillars of manpower Directorate
In particular, and in General. Our commitment, as officers, as members of the victims, is to accompany the bereaved families throughout the year, out of their sight as an integral part of the IDF and as befitting his legacy. I wish we are able to relieve some of its actions with all the pain and sorrow that accompany the bereaved families today.

Even for me, all that I with bereaved family is a source of strength, encouragement and inspiration, another opportunity to express my appreciation for the size we bereaved families members and deep empathy with the pain.

We appreciate the family not only for the price paid to bear in taken
As a result, but also the ability to have forces from area and move on.

The ability, of course, legitimate of bereaved families to Israeli requirements, and
They are all public brought us, to develop a transparent, accurate mechanisms
And reliable, to reinforce the link with the families. It is based on dialogue. So we worked and we are these days.

In recent years made a series of changes and improvements in the value for the bereaved families: we and deepened the relationship with the victims and their families, of the concept of partnership and cooperation; Cancelled, tip one with representatives of the bereaved families, the signature requirement in advance required for combat service of bereaved family and exchanged her veto power that is available to the parent at any time during the service.

At the same time, we have improved the readiness of the emergency victims, inter alia through a long process of forming the concept of running against future threats and etgrio.

Continued and extensive number of advancing investigations to locate missing, and brought Israel to the tomb burial place unknown spaces. Doubt there are other armies worldwide investors so vigorously and extensive resources to track down the last resting place
Of which fell 60 years ago.

Alongside efforts to deepen cooperation with organizations representing the bereaved families, we set to relative positioning within the array as a bridge between the family and the community and the army
We have contact with IDF families that died during the years following injury.

Every year we carry in our hearts prayer Lebel added additional families to the bereavement. However, since the malady day nine added 50 tombs in the cemetery, and hundreds of people were added to the family man who does not wish to belong to her family’s bereavement –.

Remembrance day to remember fallen Israel in our hearts the memory of the fallen and the rain.
And adopt to the tens of thousands of families. Be quiet days, while we continue to be prepared against any challenge to ensure the existence of the State of Israel and its security.

Translated from Hebrew