Head naval personnel in the Navy: “we have a responsibility to move the flag to the next generation.”

אל”מ מיכל תשובה

Colonel Michal answer met with teachers and educators as part of the “path” value for the fifth year, meet senior commanders for talks with teens, to strengthen motivation to serve in the IDF

תאריך: 05/07/2012, 11:26    
מחבר: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

Head naval personnel in the Navy, Colonel Michal answer common business evaluation with teachers as part of the “path” which takes place for the fifth year. The project reached hundreds of IDF commanders in the senior ranks, and schools and meet with Bush with youth to meet significant issues such as mission, values, contribution
And the importance of service in the IDF.

“The aim of the project is to enhance the dialogue between supervisors and commanders. The discourse on the army recruitment, where the education system ready to process. We have a common goal to create a meaningful service and increase recruitment rates, and would be better preparation and handling and mediation of citizenship would be better, so we
Reduce the Eagle and maximizing the success, “said IDF Col. answer site. Col. answer made history recently when she was the first woman in the Navy who was nominated for the job.
Head of naval personnel.

Head naval 21 reached the call when key values before it tries to convey, when both the distribution and burden the mutual contribution, which stands for today.
“Had it’s important to show the IDF as who knows how to give a response equal to everyone. No matter where you come from-equal opportunities. We have a lot of people from various sources to amazing places, “she said. In addition, Col. answer’s goal is to empower and give an equal opportunity to students in the periphery, which are always exposed to the options available to them before their recruitment. “Who can with the change through the policy. I tried to touch them as much as possible. As a parent, very easy to connect
The mothers, so I come once a Chief and a second time as a mother-and this tremendous added value, “she added.

Those talks are also conducted that most young people today believe that if they do not serve in combat roles, the necessity for the army to be nil. The assumption prompts Colonel answer to: “this is a terrible mistake. Despite the limitations we can match you with a suit by
. Today, in the age of cyberspace, you can have great guys can impact no less. “

Finally she returned and said that Col. “when we hold the flag and
It allowed the next generation flag falls. A shared responsibility. Beyond military service
-Individual contributed here and get huge values “charger

Translated from Hebrew