Head of design: “IDF ready for substantive changes in all power components

ראש אג”ת, צילום: חה”א

אג”ת head, Gen. Nimrod Shefer said that” we understand that the army allocated resources are trimmed. The challenges don’t have decreased, they have changed, but ntiyel and new capabilities that will fill any gap that opens “

תאריך: 23/04/2013, 16:17    
מחבר: עידן סונסינו, אתר צה”ל

Head of the Planning Department, Gen. Nimrod Shefer, introduced today (Tuesday) the annual Rabbi program (תר”ש) of the IDF as part of a national trust research (INSS) and cover the key points in the building in force for years.

“We understand that the army allocated resources even within that state changes
Israel, and we are ready to take part in these changes, “said the champion. “The challenges we face have decreased, not changed-to destroy a rocket launcher within 400 km of the border.
Requires more resources than a tip over MiG. However, we are ready to be productive and to develop other capabilities to fill the void that will be created than call.

General improve the way that composed to build a balanced military force over the long term will lead to the fact that the cut be mainly crop database (the number of people power in the various units). “The experts, the knowledge and experience, contacts, accounts for less than five percent of the troops. In addition to that we
Consider the amount of compulsory service recruits, which creates certain areas like the Sabre, a gap of thousands of soldiers. However, to run expensive tanks Division today operate unit in same size a decade ago, so there is no choice but to cut personnel,
The fact that our balance must continue to grow. “

Referring to the IDF conducted power building, displays the top five אג”ת principles that dictate the instructor base capabilities for years: a short, intensive campaign, rear protection as a central component, intensive activities we do in between the wars, and flexibility, and rstiliot and rovosties. “The IDF’s combat capabilities are built so that they work on every front and in each scenario, also of unexpected changes in the arena itself,” said the champion.

Translated from Hebrew