Head of ICT “of Silicon Valley ‘ Decade ‘ in Be’er Sheva

אלוף מוסקוביץ’. צילום: דובר צה”ל

In the coming years is expected to move to ICT Division, and thus fit into the high-tech campus located in the city. Champion Moskowitz: “successful cooperation
Can produce a reality in which the State of Israel will lead the modern world technology aspect through the Beersheba “

תאריך: 19/05/2015, 09:53    
מחבר: אלעד הלפרין, אתר צה”ל

אגף התקשוב

“In ten years will Silicon Valley” in Be’er Sheva that set the top computer service Directorate, Aluf Uzi Moskowitz, at the launch of “buds” for technological excellence, held this week at Ben Gurion University. He moved to town teleprocessing and location next to the high-tech campus located in these days will end within five years.

“The successful cooperation between the city, IDF, and instead can industries
To create a reality in which the State of Israel will lead the modern world technology aspect through the city of Beersheba, said Moskowitz champion. “The goal is to lead the world, and projects like this are the seeds of these ambitions.

As mentioned above, teleprocessing is expected to go to the tcshovi campus of Gav-Yam situated in close proximity to the high-tech Park of Beersheba. Wing units to place will the professional infrastructure for the development of the world’s leading technologies. “The most significant natural resource to Israel is his personnel in ICT departments and intelligence and high-tech industry,” said Raff teleprocessing. “The new capabilities introduced in operation ‘ Ethan ‘ cliff, you can’t buy from abroad, it should produce and this is our goal.”

Cyber studies high school.

Understanding that quality manpower is the Foundation for successful developments resulted in
The Department of technological integration in school from an early age. Within the framework of the program “buds”, which started to operate in October, 9th grade students studying computer science program are to make many issues, including the transfer of encrypted information and cyber.
The contents are transferred with the aid of cm (Israeli Academy of computer science and cyber) and teleprocessing.

Already in the first year to increase cooperation in the participating grades, and grades in computer science are above the national average. Due to the success of the project, next year is expected to expand to study computer science in high schools in Beersheba-from understanding not far from the day when the youth of the world arena and the technology. “The battlefield of the future is already here and support we need troops with technology,” explained the Chief Officer, Brig. Gen. Eyal Selinger. “It’s a tremendous investment because we have no doubt that today’s investment in youth will provide huge space and the State Army in the long term,” he concluded.

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