Head of ICT: open operational applications to help combatants in the field.

Gen. Uzi Moskowitz noted that the ICT plan software development used to combat militants in the area, while operational intelligence information on the places where they work

תאריך: 23/05/2012, 10:10    
מחבר: עידן סונסינו, אתר צה”ל

Smart stores of intelligence available to Warrior, command and control system that passes information between different arms of the enemy and hiding in the civilian population through spectral cleanly “: these are all future projects that teleprocessing, Gen. Uzi moskovich, revealed yesterday (Tuesday) at lecture at international fire.

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“In examining the establishment of a new integrated control power on land and air

By vision teleprocessing, it introduced Gen. Moskowitz, and control systems are expected to forward a lot more fancier detection and level enemy detection. As Greece further development the system specified top teleprocessing is building an “expert system” operationally, which you can view in Warrior knowledge and to conclude independently, through artificial intelligence capabilities, operative conclusions from that information.
“Just like in Internet applications, see where you are and tell you which restaurants you should go, the vision is that a soldier from the Givati Brigade coming to Zeitoun could connect to his screen and see what happened instead in the last five years and our Intel on
The area is the last few days, “said Gen. Moskowitz.

In addition, Moskowitz champion extensively in program C4I Corps aimed at constructing a platform that efficiently transfer information between the systems in the various arms. “the ability to connect systems of the different Corps and various arrays
In response to all the efforts on the battlefield is critical. Create common language between control systems and intelligence control of the land, of the Joint Chiefs and the air. Bring one. We already have “” rather than “no” about this project “, said.

A similar Union between the systems of different arms should be not only rate
The strategic, but also to combat forces in the field. “We want to reach a situation where we can move between different platforms and data records, pilot, Warrior.
Into these figures put data coming from the more senior echelons, to create full size image. It is not simple, but we have many ideas and directions “, said head of ICT.

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