Head over heels: from recruitment to the aerial defense

צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

Every recruit, you join a year ago on operational experiences
In: “our responsibility was to look towards the Strip and search aircraft. The alert level hasn’t dropped the maximum “

תאריך: 26/11/2014, 09:23    
מחבר: אלעד הלפרין, אתר צה”ל

“Cliff” grabbed the Maple high oplatka and prepared: a few days after which practice their ability to establish operational battery in the shortest time. “As soon as the message the operation starts brought to the fore the skills practiced as we built a Patriot battery in the South,” he recalls a conversation with. “our responsibility was to look towards the Strip and search aircraft-what they are and whether they are dangerous.”

Sergeant oplatka, Commander knocked the commanders of air defense, there was no doubt about the importance of preparedness of the Patriot batteries.
The battery which served near kwekwe iron dome battery, so that throughout the operation experienced the intensity of interception efforts. “The level of interest, and the tension never came off alert.
The maximum, especially after attacking the Patriot batteries were the others, “recalled Sergeant oplatka.

Although it’s manipulated battery not perform interception during the operation, Sergeant oplatka looks back on the significant event in terms of air defense command. He and the warriors who were with him were among the first to arrive and last to leave only when they are sure that the threat has passed. “A lot of our motivation comes from citizens who came and supported us. Lavish love us forever, “said.

One of the things that will remain with him long, he said, is a positive atmosphere that characterizes the battery allowed soldiers to operate in high ability throughout the operation.
“We had good atmosphere is the result of hard work and support we have given each other throughout the year we spent together,” explained Sergeant oplatka. “If we didn’t help each other long period we were together throughout the operation, under pressure – this was much more complicated.

For new recruits to the aerial defense is proposing to invest additional effort in order to connect to a coherent unit. “The training is long and it can be really difficult if not crystallize. From my experience it’s worthwhile to invest in, “suggested
Oplatka icon. “Arab formulation, common ports, or just bring a guitar and Soccer Saturday when close together can make a difference.”

Translated from Hebrew