Hear that glass ceiling cracks

צילום אילוסטרציה: דובר צה”ל

92 percent of IDF roles open to women. Are among the day they will also manipulate ranking-storm? In the next article.

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מחבר: גילי קופר, אתר צה”ל

Interior colors, weapons and combat high scattered in the tent and folding beds. Between one sweaty vest blowjobs hair brushes and towels and pink-related, in the same breath-the maiishot girls. “This is our first trip and we’re exhausted,” incoming tells private witnesses, a fighter in the search and rescue unit of the HFC. The journey occurs at the beginning of the training consists of only girls. His goal is the introduction of young women into shape before recruiting fighters.

“It was the middle of the night but after two minutes hot. You start to sweat, you feel great shoes and can’t believe you “, she recovers.
The first combatant journey passed six months ago, on a summer night, the sands of the Negev. The head goes forward and does not care what the rest unless someone passes out – everyone should follow. He gives me the flag. The most excitement I don’t think even put him in the West. I’m holding it with your hand up throughout the journey, “she continues.

Hear that glass ceiling cracks

The head goes forward and does not care what the rest unless someone passes out – everyone should follow. ” Photo illustration: the IDF spokesperson

The journey went with 11 other girls, step by step firmly into and up the dunes. “The climax comes when you see remotely. Can you hear the music, through smoke and outgoing staff shouting enthusiastically. It’s hard not to cry with excitement as you cuddle with everyone, “continued private shilian. “Everyone returned to a tent full of adrenaline, screaming and cameras themselves indefinitely, until the captain and tells us to go to bed. At this moment you fell asleep like you haven’t slept for three days and feel like I belong, “she says.

Of these situations, supposedly not unusual so the alien.
In recent years, is an army major changes regarding gender equality and in the world.
Where women’s parties fighting in the front lines against deadly organizations, the IDF makes efforts to align. Women participate in the fighting, involving troops rise
And young girls undergo combat training. Today, with the continued striving for equality, the reality of her daughters fighting ranks manipulate-like the Golani Brigade stormed or set – no longer seems so far away.

Women at the forefront of the struggle for women da IDF

“With the break of the warring Kurdish phenomenon to global consciousness got plenty of enthusiastic phones; People ask what this means for the IDF “, says head
Gender information hotline ™, Lieutenant Colonel Ariel Weiner. “There are a lot of discussions around the phenomenon, if it changes something. This discourse. Once warriors in front and in public debate, a question mark about the strong resistance that exists in some people the idea of warriors manipulate ranking-charged, “he added. “That doesn’t mean that tomorrow morning I open the roles for women, but it does mean you should talk about it and examine it. If time was peremptory and there’s no room for women in combat, not even to discuss it-and obviously we should examine, and perhaps even the future really, “he said.

Hear that glass ceiling cracks

Claims of Prof. Edna lomsky-Feder, head of the Department of Sociology of education at the University of Jerusalem and an expert on the sociology of the military and war, there is no room for comparison between Kurdish fighters and Israeli women in Syria we see women pretty women in the front line alongside the men and just like them. However, we should make a distinction between guerrilla organization in the army “, explains Prof. lomsky-Feder. “With similar organizations and Kurdish women told they sacrifice themselves for the common good. They gave knowingly and intentionally about marriage and kids – it’s a sacrifice that can be done during national struggles and revolutions in significant extent, “lists. Claims, the question that needs asking is what happens when ordinary shatotachim and a State organized – will then be mobilized so big from them?

“With proper training, women will be physically accessed destination. ”

Today, 92 percent of roles open to women in the IDF, which leaves only eight percent are against. There are three criteria for open position: the first is the ability of the soldier or the soldier standing on a mission. The other is the ability to integrate the operational environment, i.e. the area of the fighting. The third criterion is the existence of
A group of people from the same population to fill the role.

“This is one of the opponents ‘ arguments for integrating women in charge of mtmarnot-divisions”, explains Lieutenant Colonel Weiner. “Even if there are some women, purple standing units two criteria – they will not be the first group large enough to justify the establishment of such a force. I say the opposite is true: If we open the roles wouldn’t get lonely but to some large number, because suddenly the option exists. Now closed shatepkidim people get this condition for granted, “he added.

Hear that glass ceiling cracks

But the amount required to establish female power-צה”לי, there are many other elements that stand in the way. Among other things, the question arises: is it appropriate to shrink put women behind enemy lines? What happens if you fall in? “It’s a very big internal debate in unit, private shilian. “Some girls like mbachintan is a very significant factor and girls didn’t. All sales on this option but there are very few who think it prevents them to do their job if possible, “she continued. She said only a few were not taking the risk, while most of the girls were going to
The end, and even sorry about it that it’s not possible.

But besides the mental factor, another element. Prolonged combat, surface-condition requires not only high but also mental immunity immunity. “The physiological differences between men and women very clear argument.
On them, “said רמ”ד combat fitness in GoC army headquarters (m), Maj. Abdul Roza. “But it’s something we can work with. With suitable training and I believe women will
To the same destination accessed men. This is a population group that chose to reach these positions and is characterized by high motibedit, “Mr. continues.

Hear that glass ceiling cracks

“The entire group chose to reach these positions and is characterized by high motibedit. Photo illustration: the IDF spokesperson

The interest, she heads the priorities at the moment, he continued to combine the roles of these past few weeks: Shell litigators in the forensics can integrate women in combat engineering corps when running heavy equipment (צמ”ה). In addition to the growing options for culture in the fighting, the IDF strives to strive for equality in other realms as well.

The adjustments made for the army agrees with the men.

“The goal is that women and men can fit in each position. Women are not a minority of several dozen, it’s 51 percent of the general population and more than a third of the population of the IDF, “Col. Weiner continued. “We know that the IDF is masculine qualities, also because of the occupation — war, and most of the servants and decision makers are men,” he added. He said the role of the branch is to create conditions that will prevent situations of inequality, which may be created within the army.

“A clear example is the technical system, which traditionally, even in society and in the military — associated with men,” head of social “who we care for men, dirt and fixing them. We produce the socialization of men and women from the very beginning, “explained. “But the IDF took dramatic steps, which led to roles in which women participate today. If 15 years ago, the percentage of women in the IDF was seven to five in total and their positions were clerical, today there are almost 30 percent, “elaborated.

Hear that glass ceiling cracks

Some of the modifications made are changing the material from which may, for example-instead of generating them wrought iron aluminum users, which makes it significantly
Sachibtam. Another example is replacing the heavy boxes of baby strollers can motivate
Easily. “Of course all those steps exemplify the male population, such as a decrease in the percentage of men serving in the array and back problems,” notes Lt. Col. Weiner. “Another place I see it is in mixed regiments, the bones and muscles of the men tighten warriors with rich in calcium. The move was made as part of the modifications of
The role a woman’s body, which includes scientific smaller amount of calcium, “he added.

Another array which is logged is the array equality rowing technology: a significant operations to interrogators who reduced the gap between the percentage of women and men, including encouraging the real subjects – such as physics and computer science – already in middle school girls.

About whether they fit women manipulate ranking-tilt, head of who’s there to look forward to. “It’s too late. I believe that the world and the West, including Israel – are going in that direction, “he says. “We’re not a company. There are plenty of much larger forces than to bring us to these places. I don’t know how long it takes or what the character is wearing, but I’m optimistic. “

Translated from Hebrew