Heat the “sword

צילומים: אלון חסידוב, דובר צה”ל

The last time before returning to make the journey between the villages, “sword” battalion fighters marched to the side of the mountain, Jordan filled winter landscape. Journal beret

תאריך: 19/02/2012, 21:00    
מחבר: עידן סונסינו, אתר צה”ל

At the beginning you can hear only the floats that Jordan’s remote Highlands, but as in thick darkness drbockot voices are coming together. The rally point.
Dozens of soldiers huddled near the Humvees and roaring speakers. “Wedding songs”, one of the soldiers agreed to explain my dancing, but they all say it is impossible to translate them reliably. The journey of August beret battalion’s sword,
The Druze Regiment, opens with passion seldom seen during beret, the half-caste pointed out beyond the satisfaction of training fighters.

Even when the Commander instructs to turn off the music and start preparing to exit the atmosphere of enthusiasm. She also won’t forget forty kilometers on the river.
Eyes gleaming beneath the mask, camouflage tells me one of them: “you will see us on the journey, you will see something.” Indeed, we have seen.

Eighty-three percent of the Druze youth enlisted in the army, of whom 60 per cent are serving in combat service. Many of them leave for courses and commanding officer. There is a defined population layer in her motivation to higher recruitment.
Many of the witness wants to participate in selected units; As much as possible. Other parts are trying to reach a position that gives them as professionals or technicians, so that multiple battalion praises to every time its uniqueness and work on historic preservation in place. Although Quim luxury units, with service from a decisive factor leading boys to want to serve ב”חרב. There are boundless motivation. Obviously no need repeating the journey in words of the opposite side of the mtchonant line: “anyone who starts from the end.

Heat the “sword

Trend leader, Maj. adal Halabi, who is in charge of the trip, except for technical matters to them: forty-five kilometres in self-paced Warriors will be 6 km/h-40 and five
Miles of carrying stretchers. The Crocus to Agmon hachula, hippies, country areas border Northern Pearl, subject area and to the regiment’s strongholds within. All 6 km, and twelve. A major dairy asks if everyone feels good and ready.
“Yes!” sound like rumbling could cause a tsunami in the near future.

After two hours of walking in the dark rhythmic coming together.
The mountainous Jordan angry after a month full of rain, bright green banks and Hall trees
Pink awnings on the water. The same day after the 15th of shevat, the nkadot heights
And the upper East and west towers. There seems to be no good time to celebrate the area’s landscape and the strong relationship between the Druze soldiers to their families and a preserve area.

The music continues on track, goes to episodes from the ambulance. Occasionally one of them lets the good mood too was looking good by the commanders, but the discipline and determination.

Heat the “sword

More than 70 soldiers in the Brigade trail. Next cycle path beret journey returns to the Druze villages in the Galilee. “When the journey between the villages, everyone sees the regiment and its power and recognize him as part of the witness and her major work, friends and parents developed a table layout, it’s a completely different experience.
That strengthens the regiment and its pride with, “explains major. In the last three cycles the journey in this beautiful route through the mountains on the northern edge of the State.

The soldiers continued to advance. Move over many factions come together, like, to the river. Lively atmosphere after dozens of miles in another dance with the breaks visible flags, some combine esprit de corps with residual source protection and wear flag throughout the journey.

Heat the “sword

“We’re all having a great time, and enjoyed all our six and a half months in the army.
We eat, always Excel in everything, “says Najib, one of the soldiers, taking a break after 30 kilometers. This battalion consists of people we know a witness important to me and that’s why I want to be here. I have a lot of friends in elite units could reach them, but the name is less important to me, I know how important the work of the regiment.

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צילום וידאו: פתיאן איברהים ואלמוג גנות, דובר צה”ל
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Translated from Hebrew