תאריך: 10/05/16    
מחבר: סגן רחלי מרקס, קצינת נפגעים

A moment before I go to the bereaved family, I do its knocking or ringing the Bell. In Israel, the word “knocking” became a concept live by thousands of people, each family know very well what that means. They know that even the most weak knock can bring bad news with her, and soon become one of the family from one end to the other. Opening the door could open a huge space that nothing lives in this world can’t fill, and no amount of time can heal.

I choose to fuck though, and at that moment a little body shuddered. While trained for the job tried to prepare me for this moment, for meetings, but nothing prepares a moment of truth – the first moments in all the world are silent and testing. Whether the House is a Museum in memory of the space? Does the room and bring him or her brother time froze the waiting white not seated? Is the little girl remembers her father? Where to direct your call? Will talk about the past or the future? Is it okay to pronounce his name aloud?

Her eyes

Beside that, whether our cost is to be strong along with the bereaved family, or can show the tear when she begins to fall. The first time I cried in the line of duty, immediately after their front door of her bereaved family visiting was closed, I realized that my life and family visited the newly bound.

In sight, the officer role is to make sure the family gets the big envelope and hottest to cope with bereavement, while providing guidance and support to the family. The casualty officer maintains the bereaved families ‘ contact with the eternal knot, once it lost loved ones. Whether visiting the Memorial or commemoration, the casualty officer, involved with them and support a family.

There are families that became part of me. A casualty officer have the tools and the ability to be there for the families and victims. See the uniform family, pins and gradients that soldiers wear and know the arm is there for them at any given moment.

Yom hazikaron is perceived as a hard day for the bereaved families, but learned that the greatest difficulty is found in everyday life. It comes in the sister’s wedding on Christmas Eve all the extended family comes and only one is missing from the table. He came up to get the first order and little brother is torn between sending him airborne route. In the kitchen, when you open a book and recipes you first make recipe because it it’s favorite tributes. Memorial Day is a day for Israeli society to embrace the bereaved families, but for the victims is another day that we continue to hold them.

Translated from Navy website