Rotem Linnik reaches מ”כים, course in navigation, exercises and prepares to prove herself against the soldiers. Third column series

תאריך: 13/06/2012, 20:58    
מחבר: רותם ליניק

Not once during the course מ”כים (cults controls) I am currently thinking, what actually makes one be able to stand up, to give the security commands (including exercise and real mode) and standing behind them, decision-making and leads them. The answer to this question consists of two parts in me.
The first part is the professionalism that we accumulate. We experience over grade a variety of combat situations-urban warfare: the city as Gaza City, Nablus or camp Warrior grandfather (grandfather is an area where vegetation and very crowded)
Is used mainly in areas such as South Lebanon and open warfare as the desert surface. Every week that ends in departmental exercises and plugatis, each
Selected Cadet that angers classmates during these exercises.

We also learn in depth about different firearms, shooting guns, MAG and ‘ ordinary, even heavy machine gun, grenade machine gun, mortar, sniper and other weapons. We learn to control APC and navigate without a map. Also, the gym is located in course-so we know to lead our soldiers in training, requiring them to get better and know how to help them. Finally, not all soldiers physical fitness or
Easy and natural. When we needed warriors to very large physical efforts, although most of us
Probably sat in sports classes at school kiosk with hail. Also many bosses that easily and we work hard to be good.

Something else important to experiment at the same course is the encounter between living units and divisions, is not easy and at first meeting of all the boys build of Karakal is kinda weird, though, to see a girl with gun and rushes to you company’s exercise isn’t something you’re used to from your boot camp in Golani, say. But practice and do everything together, and slowly the boys are taught to evaluate the girls and the girls learn to be more tolerant toward all kinds of funny questions (now, you likemy humps stretcher!).

The second part of the answer is what to do with all the knowledge and experience gained, how access to soldiers and to deal with them. You can go through the course and use then anything you’ve learned it, and will probably be the Commander. One week to stand the course’s graduation in Latrun and get soldiers and we have to apply the tools, whether it’s an ambush, when our soldier wants to save, or have his shoes that were torn. Lots of little big situations test skills
Us commanders.

The real test is not only how we here, with course content and exams, but what deal real name-soldiers, and already have to prove

Translated from Hebrew