Hezbollah introduced to powerful Israel charges with drug dealers.

אחד המטענים שנתפסו בפרשה. צילום: שב”כ

The explosives seized by police in Israel, intended to carry out attacks in Israel-part of an ongoing trend of attempted them leads the Organization

תאריך: 08/08/2012, 12:19    
מחבר: יונתן אוריך, אתר צה”ל

Hezbollah introduced to Israel a powerful explosive devices, using networks of drug dealers those terrorist organization operates – that allowed today (Wednesday). The explosives seized by police in Israel, intended to carry out attacks in Israel. He also caught a 16-M type weapons, and other weaponry.

General Security Service reported that during the month July 2012 revealed a network of Israeli drug criminal activities within instilled from Lebanon to Israel IEDs.
In early June the members of the network had about 20 kg of C4 type explosives devices and operating systems for the benefit of cargo operations.

In the case were arrested and interrogated 12 suspects and 8 of them were indicted. Most of them were
The village of Ghajar and dealers from Nazareth, who had been involved in transporting weapons of warfare, that question. The cargo transported through the border fence from Lebanese to drug dealers in the village of Ghajar on the cargo transported by a resident of Nazareth, which was stiram in his backyard. An investigation into the matter revealed that Lebanese drug dealers, teleported the cargo to Earth, mission workers.
In implementing rigorous cargo used undercover properties, classification,
The nicknames and operating cell phones for reintroduction operation.

Hezbollah’s activities, join a series of bombings and bombing attempts on the enterprise in recent times, in various countries, the region and the Gaza Strip. ISA emphasize that silken demonstrates, once more, the strong relationship that sustains Hezbollah with Lebanese drug dealers are actually operational arm. It indicates.
So Hezbollah acts of crime, methods to achieve his goals.

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