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After more than a year of lessons and training, apprentice course paramedics were tactical medicine training agreement-the final step in their training as a paramedic in the Warrior

תאריך: 27/02/2013, 16:30    
מחבר: אלעד לביא, אט”ל

Apprentice course paramedics set out last week to practice sums in tactical medicine which them device to paramedics in the IDF fighter; After more than a year of lessons, training and round-the-clock shifts for Magen David Adom, the CAP (course
The military medics) experience the last exercise before receiving the coveted title.

Apprentice December cycle set out last week to practice tactical medicine training base of central command. The paramedics were required to demonstrate the skills you have acquired throughout the year, during their training passed comes at the end of the training week paramedics exercise concludes, which envisions urban warfare. Campers were measured in their ability to respond among and provide medical assistance when they are forced to work in darkness and under fire. It
The first trained under the class warfare and tactical medicine training: “instead of separate training as in previous cycles, the first in her class comes to the pupils to practice tactical medicine, beyond the theoretical aspect,” explained major headquarters, Liron Golan. “Anti-terror Center in built-up area came to perform larger exercise in scope where the students also practice on the operational and medical aspects.”

The exercise was held after more than one year of course that part is done within the framework of the military factor.
The exercise is done in the framework of the completion of their military, which carried out the last six weeks of the course. Complete a military training base of medical corps, and she’s the one who trains the paramedic, after getting approval, professionals in combat service;
After weeks of round-the-clock shifts at hospitals and Magen David Adom, is responsible
On the construction of the base for the course when it comes to the army: IDF structure, weeks field, ranges and annexation to the various units.

During the training the students learn the difference between medical treatment within the civilian.
In treatment, when they learn the military medical training medical schemes, understanding and use of military equipment, and practice handling the wounded and several
Wounded — all with the means at their disposal during their service in the IDF, and required to deal with situations such as handling behind enemy lines and under fire.

Translated from Hebrew