High alert continues in Judea and Samaria

הפרת סדר ביו”ש, צילום ארכיון: דו”צ

The Judea and Samaria Division maintain high vigilance against the backdrop of recent events. “Our goal is to prevent the events get out of hand,” explained a senior officer in the operation administrators

תאריך: 07/04/2013, 06:35    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

In Judea and Samaria Division raises alert against the recent events in the sector,
Including the borrowed security prisoner who died last week of cancer and the death of two Palestinians killed while trying to attack an IDF position in Samaria.

Senior central command, referred in an interview to the website to an incident and said that we
Currently primary investigation after the event. According to the results, the planned assault of several Palestinians who stood with several Molotov cocktails. Was an attempt to capture them while the event enters the State of danger and opened fire nonkilling and then with live ammunition.

On the stand, which is next to ‘ einav near Tulkarem and manned by Nahal Haredi Squad, attempted assault. According to the senior official, ordered the force and opened fire during the Chase, having thrown Molotov cocktails at it. “We have a record of the event and we are questioning him now”, he said.

This incident added to tensions with the borrowed security prisoner that occurred last week. After the funeral in Hebron and riots broke out near the Gush Etzion, where he recorded incidents of stone throwing and throwing Molotov cocktails. Authority making an effort to control, but to some extent exploits in a negative way to fanning’s death the land around the issue of prisoners, “he said,” our goal is to prevent the exit of other events. There is coordination with the Palestinian Authority in order to control the area. “

Translated from Hebrew