History of Katyusha

The Katyusha is basically a simple weapon consisting of a parallel stripes placed on them and launched the rockets. The first Katyusha rockets toward Israel recorded in 1968 by Fatah.

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The Katyusha is actually a nickname mobile rocket launcher generic models, from rocket developed in the Soviet Union at the time, in 1938. The first model was developed before the Soviet World War II in response to German missile named “nbloorafr” introduced two years earlier.

The Katyusha is basically a simple weapon consisting of a parallel stripes placed on them and launched the rockets. You can launch the rockets from a designated carrier or vehicle
And improvised launchers, fixed or mobile.

Originally the Katyusha fired her truck installed 48 tracks that made it possible to launch the rockets is after. The range of the Katyusha is a basic 20 km, 1.8 m long and carries a warhead weighing 22 kg rocket equipped with a fuse just exploding base contact with a hard surface, causing havoc in the point area.

The first Katyusha rockets toward Israel state recorded in 1968 by the Fatah organization, Jordan toward Beit She’an area. Katyusha barrage was the rise in terrorist activity against getting the risk civilians in areas that once were not threatened. The IDF
Respond so by firing artillery toward the sources. In January 1969, recorded shooting of katyushas toward Kiryat Shmona from Lebanon.

As a result of this incident, two civilians were killed. During the years before and after operation peace for Galilee (1982), steep trajectory rocket to the main weapons used by Palestinian terror organizations and Hezbollah, against residents of the North.

Over the years, recorded a single case of Katyusha rocket fire toward Jerusalem Palestinian village battir again 1971 fired Katyusha city Petah Tikva from Deir Balut and caused five deaths.

As mentioned, during the years the Katyusha rockets for a steep track to bundle different types, the most prominent including Grad model 122 mm Grad rockets fired at Israel areas by Hezbollah in Lebanon and by terrorist organizations operating from the Gaza Strip. The first launch of grad from Gaza enrolled on election day to the 17th Knesset, March 29th 2006.

In 2001 showed the first improvised rocket manufactured by terrorist organizations under the name “Qassam. On April 16, was shot by a Qassam rocket from Gaza towards the town.
Sderot, which became a symbol of life, since under threat of arms industry (steep course).
Over the years, similar to the Katyusha launchers to makeshift rocket coasters that short term in use terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip. The maximum range of the Qassam rocket is about 10 km.

During the second Lebanon war in 2006, Israel fired more than 3,000 rockets hit Kiryat Shmona, Nahariya, Karmiel, acre, Haifa and the Krayot and even her room.
The rockets were fired towards Israel from populated areas and Lebanese cities.

During operation “cast lead” on December 27, 2009, fired at Israel areas upstairs.
Than 255 different types of rockets, launchers to grad. One of the main reasons for operation cast lead was the shooting of steep ascending a route towards the South of the country, when in 2008 recorded no less than 2,000 dispatches.

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