.: History of the fourth generation soldiers continue to keep the flame burning memory

צוות ההסברה ב”יד ושם”, צילום: טל מנור, דובר צה”ל

Thousands of soldiers are undergoing training in the year the Museum Yad Vashem ‘ Holocaust Memorial by military media unit, many mdrichia are buildings to Holocaust survivors
Themselves. “When a counselor in this victory.”

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מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

The Holocaust of European Jewry seem distant at times, although the Holocaust began. The people who survived the bomb are receding from year to year, as the stories firsthand. As a result, responsibility for memory, passing them methodological commemorative to the future generations. The international school for Holocaust studies where ב’יד ‘ sitting-advocacy unit צה”לית a small group of about 10 soldiers and soldiering, responsible for perpetuating the memory of the Holocaust and belong to soldiers to the rank of cadet. The term in the decades-old wand, a source in the concentration camps and death camps in Europe in the 1940s.

“Dream life of rose and I got to see Jewish defense in all glory and splendor, “a leader of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, Mordechai anielewicz, last letter. Anielewicz died in battle against the Nazis, but his dream to play later in the creation of the State of Israel, and possibly play in the soldiers and soldiering that surround the Yad Vashem Museum in olive uniforms every day. Out of a small room, and using Group tours to IDF soldiers from rows, the yarn is woven between the Holocaust Memorial power to protect the country.

To outlining the story of the uniform.

The information unit that runs education and Youth Corps International School
For Holocaust studies responsible for the IDF’s liaison with the Yad Vashem Institute. Through tiaomi tours are small, and the only purpose is to allow as many Israeli groups to come and move around. “The soldiers and airmen who come here are carefully selected, telling information unit headquarters, Lieutenant West separates. During the course of that education, pupils and averted some of the apprenticeship and further training special commencing.

.: History of the fourth generation soldiers continue to keep the flame burning memory

Soon it becomes clear that most of the soldiers and airmen who serve within the unit no strangers to the Holocaust. Many of them live as grandchildren or great grandchildren of Holocaust survivors. Corporal returned to Casper,
A soldier from Kibbutz Afikim, is third and fourth generation. “My great-grandmother, Aliya, before the war after her family died in Riga in Riga, the capital of Lithuania. The year is celebrate with her soul mate ‘ 100th birthday, she describes. Deborah
Some also carried a Holocaust survivor who was born in Croatia, and adoptive mother of her grandfather survived
The Auschwitz camp and the death March. In 1949 the family immigrated to Israel. “Actually, grouping the lot of survivors, and the subject is always interested in the human aspect
And I was going to get the role, “stresses corporal Allan.

Daily preoccupation in dealing with the Holocaust exhibits and images in this format can be abrasive at times, but the belief in the importance of a winning position. “There is
Days are hard. Sometimes you encounter the story difficult to digest any of number of training or
Hear testimony request. Eventually we’re professionals, but can it hurt. We’re humans, “explains corporal Allan.

CPL. Lenny Gurevich, the maid in the unit for over a year and a half, the amount of positive feedback it receives. “When a counselor and I wear a uniform, I feel this kind of victory,” she testified. His grandfather was also a Holocaust survivor. “My mom was telling us how he wanted to get up, and his son to serve in the IDF, I feel fulfilled it when stepping on and telling about what happened. I’m putting the story in one way or another, “adds cpl. Gurevich.

Neighbor’s story

The tour passed by undergo frequent propaganda unit of the target audience matches and wide discretion to personal opinion of the Guide
And his experience. “Training in each group are adjusted, and Docent at the tour counter. We have the expertise required to adjust the content, “says cpl. Gurevich. Once the group reached the battalion, Regiment are serving only soldiers Druze. “All the people watching me and training were very content, and taught them new things”, explains corporal Allan. “Someone asked them why they care about the Holocaust, explained that the history of their friends and neighbors. Those people who may not have been exposed to these stories if they hadn’t come here, “she adds.

“I have big expectations, and most of the time, I also get the feeling that this service is
Mission. The word appropriate to service this unit just – we serve the military, emphasizes Deputy freed. “We teach them and expand their knowledge.
Even then, sometimes they can bring that commitment through positive feedback or testimony
Strengthens you. “

Many of the counselors in combine topical reports either during their tours, and noting dates … significant events that happened during the Holocaust.
“When you have a tutorial on v-j day Nazi Germany I mention it, if report captured Nazi criminal I bring it up,” says cpl. Gurevich. In addition, immigrants also topics related to anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial and documenting history for future generations. Here too, the background is often a deep sense of commitment and motivation.
“I’ve got a family who lives in France, and I hear them on anti-Semitism occurs right these days. They told me that walking in Paris with CAP is like asking you, itnchelo ”
CPL. Gurevich on current reality that is devoid of anti-Semitic acts.

“The right to be a soldier was not a natural pop”

A document “and especially” the IDF’s created a strategic plan for constructing Jewish-Zionist identity among IDF approved in 2004 by the then Chief Minister of Defense today, Lieutenant General (Ret.) Moshe Ya’alon (logical). In the same document defined among other IDF positions and one is Holocaust remembrance education among his servants.
“It’s only in this role and guidance here enables us to connect and see the army on all aspects. The army is a big, and he can give us the resources to maintain this unit draws us pride, indicating a Deputy freed.

“Every Israeli soldier should know what an incredible privilege it is to be a soldier. My grandfather was misunderstood and unnatural, and thus should be. It’s not obvious that we have the right to defend the country, “stresses corporal Allan.

At the opening of the Memorial to the Holocaust, 70 years indicated the Warsaw Ghetto uprising and the actions the rising in ghettos and camps, were appropriate content to the
And leadership and high ranking Israel Defense Forces arriving to the scene. Under observation,
Voters in the small change information on Holocaust awareness and memory shape. “we grow it and talk about it in schools. Each class will be a student or two they are third generation. When you get to the army and wear uniform suddenly – and consciousness transformation and receive a different vision. I want to believe that most of the times it expresses a place of maturity and understanding we have army defending the country, “explains Lieutenant fried.

One of the challenges facing the female counselors and instructors in the unit are the many faces of Israeli society. “We are dealing with these and other opinions and ideologies.
In the army, everyone comes to the melting and become equal, but the challenge still remains, “lists and Deputy dash that” this happens because the nature of the society that we are talking with multiple accounts, which is “.

The municipality of grain, the IDF’s information unit coordinator at the international school for Holocaust studies
Where ב’יד, indicates that ongoing contact between the contents in transit information unit’s tour to Yad Vashem’s educational concept. “Our job is to teach and perpetuate the memory of the Holocaust and those soldiers facing challenging service and very simple,” she says.
“From my point of view, dealing with soldiers and soldiering with seriousness, commitment and a sense of mission to exceptional people their age. They have the advantage that they are uniformed and uniformed guides because they speak a language close and have similar values system, consent of grain.

Translated from Hebrew